Wednesday , September 28 2022

BT will distribute Huawei 4G equipment and prohibit banning 5G equipment bidding – Communication Operators – cnBeta.COM


On the afternoon of 5th of December, Beijing Times reported that British Telecom (British Telecom) Huawei equipment will be totally removed in its 4G network over the next two years, according to Beijing Times, according to internal policies of the company's mobile phone business. Policy is the telecommunication infrastructure to decline Huawei equipment.


At the same time, the BT prohibited the Huawei company from participating in the bidding contract for the supply of 5G network provision. However, in fairly small network facilities, the company continues to use Huawei's components.

The BT spokeswoman said the company removes Huawei equipment from "our core 3G and 4G networks have committed the company's online network architecture principles since 2006". The spokesman said "Huawei is still a major provider of equipment and innovation equipment."

Multinational governments are increasingly worried about telecommunication infrastructure in the country of Huawei, especially in the form of 5G network auctioning.

BT telecommunications providers have removed most of the Huawei equipment from more than a decade from the main network infrastructure, often storing sensitive information, such as user activity and personal data.

By looking at history, BT was the first foreign company to take Huawei equipment. This contract was signed in 2005. In the second year, the company will not use Huawei equipment in its main facilities to avoid possible security problems.

But in 2016, the BT purchased 12.5 thousand pounds for the EU, which violated the Company's original commitment. Huawei's components were widely used to build 3G and 4G mobile business networks, the US used Huawei components to launch the first 4G networks in the UK. Today, Huawei's "EPC" technology is still used in core EE network, and millions of 4G users can access it through the Internet.

BT started using Huawei equipment in several of the 5G London network drivers and said that Huawei equipment is significantly better than the components developed by Nokia and Ericsson.

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