Wednesday , October 20 2021

"Bumblebee" released the stamp "Transformers breakthrough" – Yangtze Evening News


  1. "Bumblebee" premiere "Transformers Breakthrough" Yangzi Evening News was sealed
  2. The "highlight" part of "Bumblebee" emerged when John launched all the "catch" efforts – Movie cnBeta
  3. Following "Zhao China" and dying, the horn became the movie "Bumblebee" on January 4 on the continent.
  4. Full Chinese Crazy "Zhao China", "Bumblebee" team with Sin Chew Daily
  5. Next "Transformers" movie script complete! An animated film will make a "change" series that does not only talk about "Bumblebee" series Mtime Time Network
  6. See the whole story of Google News
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