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Wall Street English sales staff said most college students were admitted.

Recently, Weibo recently reported that the university student was a "loan of training" over 100,000 yuan in the online loan platform in Wall Street English. Previously, states have introduced explicit provisions, except for commercial banks and policy banks, other university students may provide loans. In this regard, Wall Street England's sales staff have made it clear that "you do not have to go to borrow … but today, 30% of students studying in Wall Street are students, to guarantee Warwick's guarantee. Define school, staging again. "

Although China has already banned campus loans, it is forbidden to provide college student loans. However, according to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, Internet loan applications include "educational staging" vests and Stealth high-ranking English adult training organizations. Students have the opportunity to purchase tuition fees of up to 100,000 yuan. However, when some students opt for the economy, it is not difficult to go from school, but continue to suffer from pressure to return. In this sense, some legal persons reminded the English training institution that a loan was applied, so that university students could not hide their student status, so they could be accepted successfully, otherwise they would bury the hidden risks of future protection.

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University students go to Wall Street English with hundreds of thousands of loans

Recently, Weibo Da V "People in Beijing Do not Know Beijing Things" sent a message to college students when they asked for help: Wall Street English Beijing Chongwenmen Center published a series of courses, spending 163,300 yuan tuition fees to return 6,600 yuan per month to economic pressure As a result, there is still no chance to continue studying, and the family can not return to debt. "I do not want anything else, now I want to make money and relieve family pressure." According to Liu, she also has a school sibling, she bought a Wall Street English course about 190,000 yuan. With the money, "He did not venture to talk to his family, he can find the only way to return, but Wall Street does not turn back."

According to Liu's loan contract, the lender Baidu has the money and the project is a wealthy Baidu scholarship, which is used to pay for the loan provider's education service. With Baidu Money APP, deferrals will refund the Baidu wealth account. If the payment is not completed in time and in full, it will be considered as a delay. "Delayed payment, punitive interest and negative impact on pedestrian credit, you will be a personal supervisor, accepting conflicts, goods or services between your credit institution and the educational institution (quality issues including, but not limited to, the problems that may arise will not affect your repayment obligations. It is necessary to pay a significant amount of time until the loan and related expenses are fully settled. "

The contract in this page is a risk note and must be a Baidu Money Loan. The contract on this page shows that the loan contract date is April 21, the price of the course is 8840 yuan and the signing of the course consultant is in Chinese. The applicant is promised by Liu: "It is not refundable for the quality of the training services. In my opinion, the personal information provided is genuine and effective, and all voluntary payments made by way of prepaid loans." name


Wall Street English's loan purchases are often excluded

In the press room, reporters from Beiqing Daily contacted bloggers with "people in Beijing do not know about Beijing" and have not yet found a friend to find Xiao Liu. However, in the public comment, we know that Baidu Post Bar is seen everywhere. "The Prince of the Prince of the Jay's" nickname said he was going to go shopping, but did not expect the return home "to be a loan." He said sales of Wall Street English were "selling about four or five hour washers," he said, signing a contract and borrowing money too. They told me in the process. "The graduate of the new girl said:" It's really crazy. This year I graduated, I do not work, I have to pay a loan. "

According to the Chinese Voice, according to the Wall Street English sales recommendation, many students have paid tuition fees for Internet credit platforms called "Baidu Money" and have to pay the Baidu Money App monthly. section. Some of them are university students or able to finance what graduates do not have. Xiao Zhang, a student at the University of Shanghai, said that more than 40,000 yuan was directed by a "strong" offensive to sales personnel in a course. Although he repeatedly stated that he had no money, he recommended that he be able to provide educational loans that could also be used by Baidu's money. He said he has uploaded all the IDs sent by Xiao Zhang, but he has successfully managed it and the loan risk warning did not.


Salesperson: "The 1995 student is a good application"

How do university students get the English language education loan from Wall Street? Beiqing Daily Reporter recently announced the English-language store as a university student at Wall Street.

When Beiqing Daily's reporter summoned Wall Street to Sanyuanqiao, he told reporters Beiqing what he was studying, how old he is now, whether he wants to try IELTS or TOEFL, and what ends he gets. The Center's sales staff launched the Baidu Financial Education Block Loan. "Baidu staging is the same for bank credit loans," said the course vendor. "You can do 12 months, 24 months. The interest rate for two-year loans is 6.48%, and the 12-year return is one year, up 2%."

Beiqing Daily said the concern was that the student's situation was difficult for a loan to be demanded, the salesperson said: "You do not have to borrow yourself, because students do not have social security, no insurance funds, or have a credit card, but now, They are 30 students, that is, they guarantee Warranty for Wall Street. If you want to learn, we will stagger again. "To make a loan online, the top sales staff stated:" Your mobile phone will be positioning, such as Wall Street If you're in the Sanyuanqiao store in the street, this store will guarantee you the level that Baidu Financial Education will give you. "

In the process of entering the loan platform, the vendor mentioned that there is another loan program called Zhaolian Loan, but it has a bank fund in Zhaolian Loan. "Student loan estimation is not good," he said. Students who choose to work on Wall Street choose Baidu. (Before the date of birth) Students who request before 1995 are not parents. "

According to the vendors, among the students at the Sanyuanqiao Center in Wall Street, there are foreign trade and economic students, as well as Beijing Fashion Institute students. Most loans have been approved. However, thanks to the different degrees of each person, the amount of admission is not the same, and there are also loans that the platform has denied. The reason is "Some are young people, some personal qualifications are not accepted, others have problems, ID cards, etc. They can affect the success rate of the loans," he said.


Baidu education staging is not clearly stated by the university student can not be applied

Thus, what is Baidu's Financial Education Staging enrolled for a student loan loan through Wall Street English Guarantee? Reporters of Beiqing Daily, who had seen Xiaoman Financial (known as Baidu Finance) on the website of the website, found that the money-saving loan loans were very low: first, the applicants were 18-55. Second article I have to provide my second-generation ID card and my debit card during the application process, and there is no clear text from which university students can apply for loans. This means that if a university student checks his or her identity for a loan, there is also the possibility of obtaining permission.

However, when Beiqing's daily magazine called Baidu, when he made a call from the customer's phone call, he was a junior and he wanted to pay for the English language training loan. Wired customer service staff clearly stated: "We are not loans for university students".


Why do you learn hundreds of thousands of learners studying English?

Why does he learn English in the students to make a loan of more than ten million yuan? Kevin, a sales center at the Wall Street English Center in Dongzhimen, said: "Wall Street English is an expensive education." The tone is proud. According to him, Wall Street English courses are divided into 20 levels, 16 classes per level. If the VIP is a single course, the tuition fee of 1-3 is 127,000 yuan, 1-6 class education is 155,300 yuan, the 1-9 class is a total of 176,000 yuan, and it must be paid at full value. . This working class is not a small number of employees and leaves college students unreliable. It's more important that, despite Wall Street English-language marketing, it has high tuition fees of more than 100,000 yuan, but do not try to give students "the opportunity to debate or debate with the family," "There is no credit card, it's here for me. To execute a Baidu financial loan, you can pay fees. Today, you will pay 10% down payment and the rest of the tuition will be paid monthly, "said Kevin.

Beiqing Newspaper Reporter reported that the inequalities in curriculum education and standard English language training courses are very high. In East Ginza an English language training center, the English course is divided into six units, each unit has six classes, each unit has 10 hours of full learning time, two weeks a week. Unit learning. Teaching methods are face to face and face to face teaching lines. The tuition fee is 12,000 yuan for three months and 30,999 yuan for 12 months of teaching.


Baidu Treasury does not have the right to receive college loans

Wang Hao, a member of the National Association of Lawyers and the main partner of Beijing Jingshi Law Firm, stated that according to the loans granted to university students, the state has provided clear regulations outside banks outside the commercial and political bureaux. The following are electronic lenders and microfinance. "Baidu Finance is a financial company that is not part of the bank's financial institutions, so it does not have the ability to provide loans to university students." Wang said.

According to national regulations, commercial banks and policy banks should develop financial products, such as student support, training, consumption and entrepreneurship, based on the need for risk control and standardized and personalized financial services for college students.

However, Mr. Wang believes that the key issues of the students mentioned in Xiao Liu require student loans to college students, with the help of Wall Street English, that the application materials provided with him clearly indicate that they are college students. "If the contract does not meet its personality, from Baidu's Financial point of view, there is no violation of regulations," said Wang. For this reason, university students themselves have to work on rational consumption concepts and improve financial literacy and credit awareness.

It should be noted that the role of teachers in the past campus is to be spent promptly, such as high-end clothing, cosmetics, digital products. Nowadays, the lending platform platform "staged education", the stealth high school adult training institute, and the high school tuition fee for students.

Another legal person believes that the training organization is clearly explaining the behavior of consumers, and providing black text and publicity. The tuition fee responds to the problem of difficulty claiming that the legal person can consolidate the first evidence of the consumer, such as downloading notarization documents and then informing the industry and commerce department; Consumer complaints or tribunals will be charged if fraud is suspected If you carry out the actions, you may be notified to the public safety body.

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Financial observation

Prepare a "campus of education staging" loan

The public information shows loans based on campus loans about the behavior of various student loan platforms. In recent years, the major state departments have always maintained high pressures on campus loans, and protect their students' personal security and protection according to law.

In April 2016, the Ministry of Education and the Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission published a lecture entitled "External Bad Risk Prevention and Educational Guidance Assistance". All universities require the establishment of a daily monitoring mechanism and a mechanism planned in real time to establish the mechanisms of poor access to the campus and, at the same time, create a campus. Incorrect access credit must face the accessibility mechanism.

On June 28, 2017, the Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission, together with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Social Security published a joint statement on External Coverage of External Credit Management (hereinafter referred to as " According to "Advertisement", institutional lending institutions in the business lending business campus must abolish the IPO business of the new business business and formulate a correct management solution based on their own business.

On September 6, 2017, the Ministry of Education has repeatedly stated that "the school loan business was prohibited and lenders grant loans to university students".

On September 4, 2018, People's Daily published an article entitled "Rental Loans, Job Loans, Training Loans, and Entrepreneur Loans". In the article, there are also external loans in some areas. Above all, "loads", methods of reform, job loans, training loans and business loans have changed, especially campus security and student rights and legitimate interests. Serious damage is not a caring and careful watch.

The credit loan requires the borrower to read the address book for college students and monitor the privacy information of university students. Subsequently, the lender will receive members of the college students' family and friends according to their address books, and will also replace college students with their loans and replacing them with other platforms to fill the hole and fall into a bad traffic.

Training loans mean that some college students apply for a job that offers excellent pay, but when they sign up for a training job agreement with the company, college students have to pay a high fee. Many students will not be able to pay, and they will be able to make company employees in their company or third-party loans, and earn monthly. Many university students have been confused, but the company committed to paying a high penny. Instead, a loan of tens of thousands of yuan was loaned to the borrower.

Formally, Wall Street English's "educational staging" is a variation of training loans. They should be supervised by major departments, while at the same time strengthening financial education and anti-fraud propaganda for university students, and not making campus loans "campus damage".

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