Monday , May 29 2023

Changchun police broke the gang of false-dealer fraud, gathered more than 20,000 copies of product forgery and semi-compliant products 新浪 新闻


Original title: Changchun police stole a false witness system, overwhelmed product and more than 20,000 finished copies.

Xinhua News Agency, Changchun, Nov. 24 (Reporter Li Shuangxi Gao Nan) Changchun City Public Safety Office recently learned that destroyed the "Yaowu" and "Yangwei" first-hand counterfeit gang of the security mobile office of the Changchun Municipal Security Office. They arrested three members, more than 20,000 copies of false certificates, false diplomas and other semi-finished products were collected.

In August of this year, employees of the Changchun City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Office found illegal advertisement on false certificates on large buildings and corridors in Changchun Town Hall buildings and corridors. "Yaowu" and "Yangwei" were contacts. Illegal advertisements have affected the appearance of the city and have disrupted people's lives.

After receiving the notification, a mobile security detachment was sent to a police officer to determine the task of determining the suspect that they suspected that they have committed a crime against two people who rent a Green Park community.

On November 6, the Green Park Branch's West Park Police Officer and Zeng Moxi, Dai Mobing and Wei were arrested. Afterwards, labor forces added more than 570 false stamps, more than 30 fake ID cards, 100 false certificates and "Yaowu" and "Yangwei" print bungalows to rent and false witnesses in suspect stores. More than 10,000 non-licensed advertisements for false certificates and more than 30 false tools, such as computers, printers, printing machines, stamping frames and printing machines, and 20,000 false and half-finished products.

Now, Zeng, Xi, Dai and Wei have been penalized.

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