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Chen Yufan's girlfriend's affair and showcasing a massive beauty, he fell in love for four years – unhappy information


On November 28, Chen Yufan was detained and arrested Chen Yufan's new arrests, and for many years he was in love with the boyfriend of He Moumou. Chen Yufan and Bai Bai have been divorced in 2017. Both men were divorced at the end of 2015. Chen Yufan and his girlfriend were arrested for drug use, Netizens found he was seized by Bai Bai. Photo by Yes Bai in 2017. Thai little meat is not derailed. It's normal love.

Who is He Moumou who is involved in the marriage of Chen Yufan Bai Baihe? As Netizens understood, we learned that Jane lived in Urumqi and studied in Shanghai. And Jane's personal account is also visible.

Jane's ins account Since March 20, 2014, many personal photos, travel photos and food photos were updated. Surface, beauty was beautiful. There is nothing unusual. But when we heard the comments from Jane, we found out. In April 2014, when I took a trip to the country, when I had to pass the passport, my friends were blessed and Jane thought Chen Yufan's account was: "I love you!". I'll be back next birthday, my birthday will come. All parties are sisters! "Insider said that Chen Yufan fell in love with her for many years, and commenting on Jane's account has been that he has been in love for over four years.

When Jane returned to China, Aite Chen took a beautiful picture of Yufan: "I cut my brows on my back!" "Haha, we will meet in the morning on May 1st!" "Say good, date."

When Jane Aite Chen Yufan was addicted, especially concentrated in April 2014, seems to be a very important time in April for emotional development. Chen Yufan has some "close human feelings". When Jane was always Ait, she did not answer. Chen Yufan's new account was later written, and there was no more Aite. Chen Yufan was not famous as Bai Baihe divorced at that time. Peripheral interaction deserves better understanding with a better privacy. In the end, there is little trace on the internal network, and all traces will be destroyed by people who eat melon. Explosion calculation instead of Chen Yufan Yes Baihe. It can be said that Chen Yufan was arrested for many years as he was in love with his girlfriend. It was kept in Bai Bai by more than a year.

When Jane takes pictures of cars, they take pictures and have places around the world. In addition to the beauty and travel of the sun, Jane seems a bit of a sentimental desire to send a chicken soup.

When I was responsible for content, I understood that the tide was working.

On May 8, 2015, when Jane confessed: "I love you!"

On June 8, 2015, when Jane acknowledged: "I've lost a lot, but I do not tell you". After all, Chen Yufan has not divorced, and publicly said Chen Yufan's "I miss you" is dangerous.

As of May 8, 2018, when Jan will do it, it will no longer update. On May 8th, when you compare the different photos and information sets, it seems like celebrating a birthday. When Chen Yufan returned to China in April 2014, when he was invited to participate in a birthday party Chen Yufan talked about his appointment.

On April 16, 2016, Chen Yufan and Bai Bai said they were divorced at the end of 2015. Divorce news has been announced. Two friends would usually fall in love with others. There is no need to cover any undeniable, Chen Yufan and when. It should also be noted that when the session ends and the ins are left separately.

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