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Cheng Shan: A box to open the gene to open the baby He Jiankui New Tang Dynasty TV

While discussing the genetically modified food theme when sheep's clones are not experimented, when Dolly's goat's death is overflowing, biologists of renowned world universities have agreed to Consciousness, when sacred and inviolable biological human ethics opened Jianku's box.

Some still remember in 2017, the Chinese Harvard Forum, one of the founders of the genre editing technology, and Zhang Fengek, a Massachusetts professor of Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to have technology: "It is a huge power, a great responsibility.


On November 26, 2018, People's Daily "edited the first genetic immune immune system in AIDS in China, where he was born in China," and He Jiankui, associate professor at the Southern University of Science and Technology, was full of advertising self-confidence videos. Humans babies, who used their own origin, were born in China as experimental products. Leichi, who also crossed the inventors of the patents, broke through a moral base.

Several films predict the risks of human and technological development. Ethical aspects of the genetic mutation are endless films. Plane, Gattaca, Jurassic World, Splice, Blade Runner, 2049 … Volkswagen Cloning, Genetic Change Understand the basics of common sense.

I remember the familiar story we watched in the movie. The secrets of the dark western forces and madness of the madness of sciences make humanity endangered experiments. The story approaches the window to compromise the story. While China's technology is still lagging behind, most of us seem to think Western sense of preventative sense, but today's movies of the past live in China.

According to evidence published today, Keukang, the University of South Science and Technology, Hemei Medical, Shenzhen Nanshan District People's Hospital and He Jiankui Bohai Technology Association, SL participate. Indeed, in China, it has already had the main conditions for genetically modifying people, including thousands of people thinking about the door of thought, government investment projects, high-level talent, human rights societies, experimental ignorant participants and weak legal control. Wait, this is the consequence.

The social environment created by China's CCP Atheism over 70 years old, the government and the contempt of the people was created. Even science does not frighten the life, development of western genetic research has been able to edit and change genes in this phase. However, where beliefs and traditions still exist, the exploration of unknown effects of science can not be stopped at the last moment. A crook used by the CCP, it could not be deceived, and the door opened to hell.

In addition, the Chinese money in the highest society, the moral and legal awareness of fertility is very indifferent. The organization of the Guangzhou-based organization has been working for some time now. Some clients from the North have got some surrogate babies. After rising children for several years, children are more and more like Cantonese. Egg is not completely taken by parents, because healthy egg is more likely to be established, so that the organization gets falsified. There are also twin births, as well as medical services for boys and girls, who are also very rich in the Chinese continent. Organ transplants, face changes, faces, etc. In the place where you can earn money, the loss of control is full of ethics. This ethical environment offers an environment for groundwater experiments.

What is the purpose of the experiment? According to He Jiankui, the genetic editing project was designed to enable babies to be born with AIDS. The pair received the experiment with HIV infected and his wife was not infected. Some researchers have questioned the need for this experiment. HIV can not sperm and egg contaminated. AIDS is not a genetic illness so that the father can block the possibility of AIDS. So what is the purpose of designing the AIDS immunization program? Perhaps these two newborns will not be married, parents may have surrogacy, experimentation or success. AIDS is just a gimmick. But where is the future? Two genetic defects produce experiments that are not predicted, and at any moment they have the option to put pressure on them, or they can be stored as observational objects and crimes against humanity happen around us.

He Jiankui, 34, is a brilliant scientific and technological talent. Father said in an interview: He Jiankui is the first and talented. He has been a Ph.D in biophysics at the Rice University of the United States, a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University and a talented person in China. At least seven of the company, a legal representative representing six companies, is a direct controller of five of them. The total registered capital of these seven companies is 151 million yuan. It can be said that the business is strong and prosperous. When he returned to China, he quickly achieved the key to the success of the investment and the corner.

This time, Jianku thought that the genetic child of 基因 基因 was born.使 更 使 使 使 使 使, 使, 使, 使, 使, 使, 使, 使, 使, 使, 使, 使, 使, 使, 使, 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使 使使 使 使, abandoned. As Chinese graduates grew up in China, life has allowed them to study successfully. Life predicts that mankind is also lacking in life, right and wrong, morals and beliefs. It is also in the United States. Research is done at school, but his thoughts do not serve the basic ethics of biological genetics. Biological experiments are performed daily in animal experiments, and Jiankui rarely has a good chance of rationalizing. The CCP selected tens of thousands of people to return to China. While literary talents were lacking in human ethics, the CCP could easily use them.

Thus, when he talked about the Hong Kong World Gene Editing Summit, November 28, Jianku said, first of all, I would apologize for the unexpected outcome of the results, which did not immediately complete the data and did not do the same. In the industry review, I responded to the questions asked by industry experts: I am proud of this experiment and I am proud of it. It can be seen that the accusation of the Jiankui system was an early target and could look for success. The reason for doubt about the public is incomprehensible. She only knows technology and does not understand ethics. The summer insects described by Zhuangzi's "Summer of Water" are probably very sad.

Although a broad consensus on the western biosphere of genetic engineering has been achieved, some biological experts and scholars continue to believe that the human and gene transformation paths are unstoppable. But China will have people with a personal view. During the decades, the CCP has strengthened its strengths to capture, raise and increase power so that industry should try to genetically treat human operations sooner or later. As the leader in the West, it is better for us to do it. In discussions about this phenomenon, genetic modification of GM is not discussed, in the biological industry, many people want to remember gene genes in their hands, that is, the purpose of their lives, their belief.

Under the strong public opinion, the Chinese Science and Technology Association and the National Health and Safety Commission have responded: "The project violates national laws, regulations and ethical guidelines, violates laws and regulations, but in the territory of China, the CCP said. Fame and fortune can be found in darker technologies, and the experiments will be relaxed, but they will learn to hide their beautiful and beautiful vessels. The CCP is not dismantled, and that will happen.

In ancient Greek mythology, Pandora's box has been opened. According to Mythology, humans come from wars, diseases, disasters and lies. AIDS's current birth can be generated from a human sexual disorder, and later, it is widespread among toxic toxics. By destroying the human immune system, if people put an end to fornication and indulgence, AIDS will naturally disappear. In addition to AIDS, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases, the body's immune system is also unexpected;

Pandora was not listening to the gods, awakened curiosity and released disaster. How can human repression, as it is not defended by virtue, to stop only in medicine and biology? Genetic experience is an AIDS immunity.

─ ─ Transfer from "High Times". This article only indicates the author's opinions and statements.

(Editor: Liu Mingxiang)

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