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China Marathon races ‧. A large number of players were violently abusing – Sports | No Chew Daily

In 2018 Shenzhen defeated the Nanshan Half Marathon rules, with 258 players, including forging, races and "cutting off the road."

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The player 258 violated the rules, such as forging, running and "cutting the road".

In the last two years, the Chinese marathon has become increasingly popular. Not only have the competition but the number of participants has also been recorded. However, it was a wonderful pharaoh with the "flag" event, competitors and doctors. "conflict". Today, large-scale players' violations have been broken.

This year Shenzhen Nanshan Half Marathon was held in Shenzhen Bay, Nanshan District, known as "Chinese Silicon Valley". Since work-force workers are not forced to work, the competition circuit has been designed in a very simple way, with only two ways.

However, as people unfortunately do, employees make good intentions to give opportunity to competitors. According to the video surveillance contest, almost a thousand people can cross the green track directly on this track and use the "road cutting" method to get better results.

In addition, there were many competing networks that represent the running of the bulls and the backbone, which led many friends who were doing their homework. After finishing the game, the Nanshan Half Marathon Organizational Committee suffered bad results and was condemned for serious offenses.

After the investigation, the commission announced a prohibition of 258 illegal players announcing announcements of false cloth, running and "cutting off next to the road".

According to the announcement, based on time chips, game videos, site photos and other materials, 258 illegal players, 18 forged fabrics and 3 people, including 237 other illegal players, including "road cutting". According to the rules of the competition, forged cloths and runners are continuously prohibited to participate in Shenzhen Nanshan Half Marathon. The rest will take part in the Shenzhen Nanshan Marathon for two years.

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Xingzhou Net ‧.2018.11.29

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