Tuesday , January 25 2022

China Telecom can launch "Overseas Game Acceleration Line" – China Telecom China Telecom


Recently, a netizen named "Assas" has published the news in China China tests an added value called "Game Acceleration Line" by China Telecom. After the online game, the game delay will decrease and the game bandwidth will increase. Also, the price of this service is expected at $ 30 a month, but it does not indicate a specific date for the launch. Since Netizen's identity is temporarily unknown, this news is just a murmur.

The "Assas" telecom wrote in a post that will negotiate with leading companies of the moment. Only game vendors provide exclusive country servers, and telecommunications can be accessed through acceleration lines, one-man manufacturers nowadays have been traded.

What is the hope, according to Netiz's statement, that the "Jesus Survival" acceleration line is running, delaying the external service from 310ms to 70ms and delaying "DOTA2" ranging from 100ms to 60m. Doubt, this is an exciting two teams.

Although he has doubts about the PPT photos released, he has planned the "Speed ​​Survival" acceleration plan. If this photo is real, the project may be included. "Assas" has said that successful day sellers will end.

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