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Chinese fans are very strong: the Asian Cup, in the second round, there are also people. People's Day

2019-01-15 04:14:14 Source: People's Day

"Number of live viewers in the game 16013 is 16013!" On January 11, local time, the Chinese team and the Asian Cup teams in the second half of the Philippine team, live broadcasts announced the seat of the stadium. Together with the two UAE team hosts, this game's audience is in the first two rounds of the Cup Round. Both fans' sounds have disappeared and they have sung songs of different languages, allowing them to feel the World Cup sensation in the Asian Cup.

Compared to the first round of the teams, there are more followers in the Chinese group's second round. This game is a day off, or because Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Of course, in the round of the group, in the first round, in the victory of the opponent, the Chinese team should have a positive attitude towards attracting enthusiasts.

During the break, he started drums and encouraged him. After finishing, he sang "End Singing" … The Chinese team won 3: 0 in the second round of the stage group and advanced. The fans helped the team. And momentum. The cyclist also forced Feng Xiaofen not to watch the opponent's shot, Wu Leagues defended the game and both goals had a shoulder injury …

"Zhang Linyi! Zhang Linyi!" In the bands of the Chinese team against the Philippine team, fans joined Zhang Linyi's main Chinese general. "7 Is Sun Xingzhen the number?" Some fans expressed Wu Lei, who was heated. "Sun Xingqi is a South Korean team of 7. It's possible to finish the game." The fans got "science". Those who want to see most are a positive behavior of the players and more aggressive performance, and the players 'active battle in the court is often earned by fans' esteem and their team.

The third group of the 16th group of the Chinese team and South Korea is considered to be very hot sales. I think more fans will cheer for China. Chinese teams love enthusiasts to show off their fighting behavior and give them a wonderful game.

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