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Chinese short-band band ceremonies ceremony Li Wei: country's recognition mission _ ice-speed speed skating _ Sina Sports Storm _ Sina


Chinese short-track team ceremonial flag-raising ceremonyChinese short-track team ceremonial flag-raising ceremony

At 6:30 am, on the morning of November 23, the sky was dark blue in the dark. The coaches Li Wei and the fast-cycling runners team appeared in Tiananmen Square. Li Li Yuyu understood. She said: "Girls, a good idea is the appearance of the head."

In order to fulfill the requirements for implementation of the two schemes and three plans, it is necessary to strengthen the ideological and cultural construction of the sports team and to improve the role of athletes coaches, the efficiency of the responsibility and honor, and the creation of a national team for war and style, as well as the management of winter sports National Sports Administration. The Center has carried out various didactic activities on the ice project of the national theme "National Flint". We think that the coach Li Wei is the capital of Beijing and the mother's heart. We are athletes trained in the country. We win the glory of our country and have our responsibility and mission. We have great responsibilities and missions. All children hope to reach this environment, to strengthen the motherhood and cohesion of the people and increase our group's cohesion.

On November 23, the Chinese lounges and the Chinese Skating Association actively responded and organized all the members to go to Tiananmen Square. During the ceremony, Wu Dajing, captain of the Chinese high-speed skateboarding team, said: "The second time I came to see the enlargement of the flag, our team and different meanings, this increases our responsibility and role". With the lifting of the flags and the lifting of the flag, the national pride of the members of the group improved and the members got a hard time and hard work to win the country's glory. Wu Dajing has said that in the next competition and training it will sort out its stage goals, continue better and have a five-star red flag high in the international arena.

Li Yingyu, a 17-year-old silver medalist at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, believes that sacred things are increasing in the national flag. The honor is to share everyone's glory. I hope the Chinese racing rally is better and better.

Looking ahead to the new season, coach Li Weik said that anyone should have feelings and feelings about the model. I hope that from that season until 2022, the Chinese Short-Track Speed ​​Skater team will work for the country's glory and platform.

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