Monday , October 25 2021

Chunlan Cup: Ke Jie Party Yifei South Korea stops "two playgrounds" to win the crown – People Network


  1. Chunlan Cup Ke Jie Party Yifei South Korea stayed two in "Two Park" to win the Crown of the People's Network
  2. Chunlan Cup Ke Jie Park Tingyi was defeated in South Korea before winning the champion and Grand Prix
  3. Park Ting-soo: I want to go beyond Ke Jie and my efforts have to be doubled as the goddess Xiu Zhi.
  4. The painful injury is half an eye! Ke Jie is a serious mistake before the mistake (a wide spectrum)
  5. In the 17th, Ke Jiek Ke Jieko's stagnation is the hero of failure.
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