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Cross-talk performance artist Chang Guitian died on November 30 at age 76 – News – Zhejiang Online


Cross talk performance died in Chang Guitian on Sunday, November 30, at age 76

November 30, 2018 08:51:29
Source: People's Day

Chang Guitian

@ 人民日报 微 博 On November 30, the famous comic strip comic book, Chang Guitian, died and ill treatment, died at 0:38 p.m., 30 November 2018 in Beijing, at age 76. Chang Guitian, a comic family born in 1942, is the eldest son of Chang Lian's comic book, Chang Baozhen's son. His works include "Trumpet Sound", "Power Research", "Hat Factory", "I like success", etc., are excellent works.

Tags:Performing arts: hat factory; family of crosswords; biloba; horn sound; you want success
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