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Dai Wei published an open letter: talent adjustment structure adjustment to establish three crisis centers – Observer Económico Online – Treasury Professional News Website

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Online economic reporter Qian Yujuan On November 28, The Reporter of The Economic Observer, fromo's founder and CEO, Dai Wei, gave an open letter to all the workers, when they announced the construction of talent and organizational culture, began restructuring and renovation of the organization and various functional sections. Three centers were established to coordinate operations.

The viewer of the economic observation viewpoint was seen from an open letter from Dai Wei, as well as four aspects of talent, organization, corporate culture and value-building, becoming a key word for innovation. Ofo's first official first talents (CPO), byo Chi Wenming's chief operating officer, is the coordination of the internal and external resources of the company and promotes corporate culture and values.

Regarding the restoration of Chi Wenming's work, Ali's Iron Supply was the leading force in the company before entering the company, and has 9 years of experience in management positions.

The internal management of the Daiwei team has been criticized. Today, it is not difficult to predict the appointment of a swimming pool civilization. Dai Weik expects the civilization of swimming pools to enter Ali's iron supply within the army and integrate the youth group culture. The atmosphere is very hard.

It should be pointed out that due to the organization's update, "finance and strategic legal center", "research and development and large data centers" and "product and growth centers" were established. These included the three centers of strategy, lawsuits and control of the "Strategic Financial and Legal Affairs Center". Feng Xiaotong led the former head of "R & D and Big Data Center" and "Products". And The Growth Center, Theo and the Big Data Center, Brand Marketing Department, and Growth FT, and head of the OO Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Also, the open letter emphasized that the main managers of the company's operations and domestic operations were changed and the domestic operation column was headed by Zhou Weiguo, the director of the Southwest Theater Theater. Dai Wei said the next phase of the Chinese section is to explore new opportunities for shared bicycles. Jeremy Chen is the advancement of the foreign business department. Dai Wei has stated that "the future" will continue to defend the role of non-world leaders and will allow them to actively innovate for external users to make travel more convenient and convenient. "

"The winter has come and the snow will continue." Dai Weik knows that today's situation sees the world outside, but believes that "in difficult times we still have to keep our faith, as long as it is alive, there is hope!"

As Dai Wei said, "it has clearly been said that the crisis is a risk and an opportunity to coexist, but we only break and die in dangerous times, do you think it is dangerous and dangerous? If you think it's already an option, then it is possible!" He believes that this is happening in a stage of "danger and opportunity coincidence", and in winter and cold darkness can not knock.

Attached to the full text of the inner text:

Everyone ofo:

Hello everyone!

The 2018 challenge has to be overcome and our struggle continues. To address better targeting, coordinating operations and more complex and complicated living environments, the company has adjusted and updated the organizational structure after thorough discussions:

1. Chi Wenming is the chief official talent (CPO) and at the same time the head of the human and administrative center. It will coordinate the internal and external resources of Dachi, promote the construction of the corporate culture and value and improve the organization's capabilities. It's hard to think about organizational renewal, team growth and more personal progress.

2. Establish the original strategy, legal litigation and risk control center and consolidate the "Strategic Financial and Non-Proliferative Affairs Center", as the Feng Xiaotong leading center

3. Establish original research and development and large data centers, brand marketing departments, Growth FT, "R & D and large data centers" and "product and growth center", Tong Changyi Technology Director General (CTO), research and development and people in charge of the large data center, inform me, Huang Wei is the head of product and breeding center, brother and I informing

4. Appoint Mr. Zhou Weiguo as the main person in charge of domestic operation. Weiguo continues to develop and innovate business divisions for students, boldly reform, and explore new industrial shared bicycle developments.

5. Jeremy Chen has been appointed Managing Director of the foreign business unit. In the future, foreign business divisions will continue to play a role in "making strange non-maritime borders" to offer more and more aggressive travel opportunities for outsourced users and actively innovate.

6. Other institutions have no change.

Winter has come and the snow will come. In difficult times, we still have to keep our faith, although we are occupying it, we have to live, while we live, we have hope! Crisis is called the risk and opportunity coexistence. Only the most dangerous time breaks and kills us. If you think it dangerous, then the risk has come. If you think it's an option, there's a chance!

If there is faith in the heart, in winter and in darkness we can not bring it. We are members of the Association and our family members. To the hope, fly against the wind!

Dai Wei

November 28, 2018

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