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Didi multi-channel reconciliation adjustment is expected to combine a taxi and a network car

-San Tao translator

After the security rectification, Didi began the first change. According to Reporter for "Daily Values", on December 5, Didi released an e-mail to renew the organizational structure. Updates, Didi Core Businesses and Multilevels, will be combined and tailored, such as the merging of the train business group, the network car platform company, the small orange car, the original service car and the car activation management center (AMC), to a new car. Service, configure the car owner service company.

It must be mentioned in the whole letter written by Didi that security is the first of the "Upgrading Security System" in all the adjustment descriptions due to the basic development of Didi's future development. Wang Xin, head of the group's security affairs, was also named as the chief of the travel safety officer, to report to Cheng Wei.

With this adjustment, one of the two main business groups has focused. The fastest original business group and the car's unique business unit and luxury car business unit are the Drip Network Car Platform Company (hereinafter, the network car company). Fu Qiang's senior vice president and network CEO Cheng Wei.

It is understood in 2017 that Didi has optimized the expressive train, taxi company and private vehicle business in two major business groups: a fast journey and a quality trip. Until now, the express structure of the train structure has been transformed by the department and the business group into a network platform company. This movement is seen as an important Didi movement, also from 1.0 to 2.0. Didi said the combination of express trains is an effective mobilization of resources and the implementation of the network's compliance process.

The Adjustment also established a new car service provider, merging the small orange car service company and the car asset management center (AMC). According to the report, the commitment to build a new car service has been committed to build a platform for freight and vehicle ownership services, network security and compliance with the resources and maintenance, charging, etc. Explore cars in the new retail trade.

Apart from the two major platform platform platforms, Didi also runs Pratt & Whitney's travel and business services groups including bicycles (HT), motorcycles (HM), home-based business startups, and original Young Business Business for Original Quality. .

In this adjustment, the taxi business will also be renewed. Didi said technology for product technology will increase investment in taxi business, promote taxi product renewal and integrate new and old formats and study taxis and network vehicle integration. New way.

According to Didi Securities Daily, the demand for the travel market may be enough, but he is still not happy. Didi has always been very important to the taxi driver. The upgrade of the taxi business is to increase business investment. I hope to integrate strength with the network car business.

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