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Didi, to report internal corruption in 2018, found 83 people while the rules are breaking – IT & Transportation – cnBeta.COM


On January 9, Didi Browne Control and Compliance Department announced that the official "Drip Bleed" micro signals predicted current corruption and anti-fraud programs to announce 2018 announcements. According to the statement, in 2018, Didi investigated and practiced more than 60 violations of various kinds of corruption and fraud, and they were investigated and treated as 83 workers.

According to the announcement, 83 people were dismissed and eight of them were prosecuted for alleged offense. The main reasons include scams, misrepresentation, invasion and security of information violations. In addition, Didi has warned the Sunshine Integrity Alliance and the Chinese Anti-Fraud Alliance.

At the beginning of 2018, Didi Travel transmits the "Integrity Behavior Commitment" program within the company, rewarded workers who have been reported or denied internally, giving honor incentives and donating no money at 100,000 yuan. Many people have been rewarded.

In 2017, Didi released the "Trial Travel Partner Integrity Compliance Incentive Trial Program". This rewarded external partners to report in-company violations including RMB 500,000 bonuses.

Didi said from the outset, the company assumed a high level of pressure on corruption, fraud and redundancy over the company, and had to tackle the "problems of discovery, investigation, and confrontation" that had to be tackled and create "wind and clean air" he had Organizational environment also welcomes supervising from all walks of life.

Below is a full text of Sentinel notes:

In 2018, the Drip Wind Control and the Compliance Department collaborated in many departments that had studied and treated more than 60 decrees. A total of 83 people were dismissed due to serious violations. He was sued by eight lawsuits because he was suspected of breaking laws and regulations. The aforementioned violation is mainly based on frauds, abuse of interests, invasions and information security violations. The required violations information will be notified to the "Sunshine Integrity Alliance" and "Chinese Anti-Fraud Alliance".

Regarding the construction of the system, Didi Travel has set up some institutional standards for completeness, information protection, security operations, financial contracting, employee administration, etc., and reinforces internal staff through signature, training, publicity and studies. Fostering awareness and ability.

From the beginning Didi has taken a pressurized situation including corruption, fraud and other anti-company violations. In keeping with the attitude of "finding, researching and joining", it is creating an environment for organizing "light and tidy" businesses. .

Welcome to the custody, inquiry and report of all lifestyles for details on the official Drip Bingfeng website.

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January 9, 2019

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