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Director of the old club: Suo Shengwei and Manchester United to return to Norway in May – Manchester United, Kia, Sols, Nell – Football Europe and the United States

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Original title: Managing Director of the old club: Suo Shengwei and Manchester United to return to Norway in May

After the Mourinho team, Manchester United quickly announced that it was the temporary coach of the Solskjaer team. After taking the office, Manchester United also showed a totally different spirit, and won five victories in all competitions. . In this circuit, Solskjær has become one of the most popular media and fans. However, Soltkaya's former team has recently been interviewed by Molde Club CEO Oystein-Nerland. At that time, they said they had not reached Manchester United with Red Devil in Solsklaar as a long-term coach, and said Solskjay returned to Norway this May.

"The Manchester United agreement is until May 12, which is our plan A and Plan B. We do not have the C. Plana." Oystein-Nerland said in a press conference that he said: "I only talked to Manchester United, from January to May, there is nothing more, I think this is going back. I think Solsklaar will return in May." We also have Nerland's words It's not difficult Seeing Manchester United being positive after May, Manchester United should communicate more with Molde.

At the same time, Nerland also paid a lot of appreciation to Solskjeri: "In our opinion, Solskjaer is a defender of the offensive, his philosophy is better than 4-2 is better than 1 -0. It is an active trainer, it is very easy to recognize and clearly play It's a good general concept and it's good to work with a single player, and there is no doubt that it will be a good success at Manchester United, it understands the history and connotation of Manchester United and is ready to take it forward, because the fans will help him with the legend of the club. ".

It is worth mentioning, according to the media, that if Manchester United wants to return to Solskaya, Molde will have to pay 7.2 million pounds for damages. Of course, this fee will not be for Manchester United, but at this time, Molde CEO stands before the media, except that there is no agreement with the Manchester United with a lease contract. Maybe Manchester United is still true. It is necessary to think about the selection of the future bus, it will be obvious in the end of the month.

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