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December 17, 2017 10:44 Source: Beijing Youth Daily Interact participation

"Ba Qing", "The World Chang", "Biography" and "East Palace" have been postponed

The usual exclusion of video sites is no longer a "security box" of a costume drama

This newspaper (Yang Wenjie reporter) was born from the beginning of "Ba Qing Chuan" and "Biography" was originally broadcast on November 15, and was released on the 12th of this month for the "East Palace". "Disarmed", home-made drama in 2018 is very unfavorable. These include two predictions published twice, "Tianxia Chang", a series of cinematographic circuits and eight "orthodox" dramatists. Most drama is broadcast on online video clips or related to the Net-based network drama. As the parties did not respond positively to retirement reasons, some television companies changed their video platforms through selected television channels, which allowed the TV station to mask the cost of drama emission and expand its content. It is no longer a "guarantee". In addition, recent media reports have been made that "the network review will be merged in February next year." If it were to be released from the costume of the lady, it will definitely be more demanding in the filling scales and content competition. conditions.

In April of this year, Lian Yan, Zhang Hanyu, Qin Junjie, Li Xuejian and other drama were held at the press conference "The World Changan", which was launched on CCTV on 10 May and could not be achieved; It was announced again that eight October gold CCTV gold albums were not broadcasting yet. Almost, he announced the last file named Lin Feng and Jiang Mengyu "Dahong Monkey". A detailed arrangement published on Youku on July 17 was published by Anhui satellite television on July 24. Out, due to the popularity of "Yanwei Raiders", the original costume drama "Biography" was released on November 5 on iQiyi network 5, which caused great concern. The inauguration of the producer opened on November 13, he completed the invitation of the media and included a summary of the interview, including the main creations such as Yu Zheng, Wu Jinyan and Nie Yuan, but the announcement of the provisional announcement was abolished on November 12. Adjustment will be suspended and online time will be notified separately. "On December 7th, the online drama" East Palace "announced that the file will be on December 12, 12 in the morning, announcing its propagation of the micro-official, which is due to" adaptation of the schedule ".

It is reasonable to say that the transmission of a television series or a drama is very serious. It does not mean that the show is due to an emission license through a major revision, the commercial linkage also establishes a large number of contracts and therefore must be considered with the competition platform and organizing the troop. For this reason, the officer announced a date and broadcast platform and was subsequently canceled. Unlike the last episodes of television, it is the industry's "most important" "accident" and there are very special reasons. In the past, due to the harsh competitive ratings of the province's satellite television, it will occasionally be more than half of the television, which have been "waist" due to unusual grades. However, it is not unusual to extend predictions and intense events. .

Beijing Youth Daily Reporter understands that platforms and producers are aware of real reasons. However, from the point of view of all parties, there is no strict revision and general organization. After "Unchanging Tianxia Chang", Fang Huairui Century reviewed "Changxia Chang", has been revised according to the opinion of the competent authorities and is scheduled to be scheduled according to the schedule. " The first abstention was linked to the content review. After the second meeting, the director got rid of the dismissal, even though he had a bit of excitement called Weibo, "The World Changan" was dismissed. I want to fix it beforehand! This drama has a special meaning for me! It's also a painful memory! "The world of the underworld" Changing the worlds "has repeatedly revised it, and it is very likely that it will be reconsidered again. When the" Explanation "was dropped out in November, a television drama was purchased and the TV schedule changed to television. It was changed for a change. Weibo's Weibo Notification Notification Notation Weibo replied to the producer, "he emphasized and wanted to re-publish the music," after which Youku "East Palace" was temporarily excluded. "External worlds" Biography "The old stories were raised again and two drama should be revised to review the reasons for revising it. However, according to Beiqing Daily Reporter, the release of these two drama is a real reason to complete the fourth quarter of the demands of the broadcast.

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