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"Dragons and Eight" Yang Youning "Heroes Qiao Feng" plays: all, still, with him, down, mirroring – Yangcheng Evening News


2019-01-10 17:23:17 Source: Yangcheng Evening News

"Dragons and Eight" Yang Youning plays "Heroes Qiao Feng"

Yesterday morning, in the new "Tianlong Ba Bu" series, Yali Rongguang, Yang Youning, Wen Yushan, Bai Yu, Zhang Tianyang, Su Qing and another debut were released.

Yang Youning said something of Qiao Feng's protagonist. "It was not officially announced before, a secret could not be said. My dad finally showed it." In his opinion, Qiao Feng Jin Yong's featherweight, dull and true heroine of flesh and blood. "Shenxian Sister" Wang Yuxi, played by Wen Yushan, is a great pressure, because the previous version of the player is his idol, they are afraid that they do not pay.

(Wang Li)

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