Wednesday , October 20 2021

Eight large-scale political theory films create the fifth part of "The road to the must" in the country – China Daily


CCTV News:To mark the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening, we will present a magnificent and beautiful reform and opening process, such as Central Propaganda Department, Central Reform Office, Central Party History and Literature Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission, Radio and Television State Administration, Xinhua News Agency and Central Broadcasting. The 8th Archive of the High Scenario of the Political Scene "The Road to Becoming" will broadcast the CCTV Integral Channel on December 11 at 8:00 p.m. at the General Political Workshop of the General Assembly of the General Assembly and the Political Work Department of the Misc.

It focuses on film reform and openness, that is, the only way to compare and develop socialism with Chinese features. The 40-year history of reform and open-ended history is panoramic. With a touchy and touchy story, he presents a magnificent epic of country-nationality and reveals Chinese features. Socialism is based on the long-term struggle of our party. Our party drives people with strenuous efforts, with different costs and complex exploration. Reform and open response is the key to determining the fate of China. Achieve the goal of "two years" and achieve a great rejuvenation of Chinese nations.

The film has eight episodes, "Historic Pact," "Key Choice," "Great Leap," "Power Source," "City Foundation," "People's Soul," "Great Power of the Shield," and "Common Destiny."

The emission of this political film will increase the confidence of the person who is embedded in the reality of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism.

The fifth episode of "City Creator" was given on December 15. Over 40 years, China has created a miracle in the history of human development. He seeks a miracle password in China. In all major historical periods, the party can always make the right choice. Renewals and openings have consistently proposed a new proposal for the party's government. The party's self-revolution supported the reforms and openings, and people gave it a sense of satisfaction. With the leadership of the Central Committee of the Party, together with Xi Jinping, China has opened and started a glorious future that has begun and rejuvenated.

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