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Drive hard and start again. The National Weightlifting Team Winter Training Mobility Conference held on November 28 this fire to open a passionate winter training.

The Ashgabat Halterofilia World Championships, before finishing this month, is the best World Cup in Chinese riders. 20 gold, 23 silver, 10 copper, 53 medals are the highest in history, raising the Chinese world weight. Likewise, the 20 athletes who participated in the competition won the medal for the first time. This is not easy for the federation's 20-year federation to re-adjust. Regarding the level adjustment, the national competition team quickly adapted and frequently broke up and created a new World Championship.

At the same time, the world champion is the highest level of success and the full level of athletes. Before the game, the team has raised a clear idea of ​​leadership, that is to say, playing skill, understanding opponents, building trust and opening strategy and tactics of the team and tactics clearly. To set these ideas, the group is very consistent. 20 players had 7 players and 6 of them were all scored. There were 5 successful 5 of them, and 4 of them were 4 successful. This constant rate was a tough and tough field of the game.

In the Ashgabat World Championship, the Chinese competition team prepared, clearly, clearly, tactically, team-based and effective. He undertook research, medical treatment, rehabilitation, weight control, data collection and pre-training. The whole level of warranty, athletes and coaches can act out of fear.

After a new year, at an international level, changes and challenges are faced in many situations, both home and abroad are concerned about the image and spirit of Chinese uprising groups. Among the athletes and coaches with a high national level, the Chinese anti-weight champion was shown. Court conciliation, interviews with foreign players and interviews with domestic and foreign media were widely used in terms of generosity and confidence, as well as China's weight. Image has received a good response.

During the conference, the Directorate General of State Sports organized a talk on the mobilization of the Zhou Jinqiang sports management and management of the Sports Management Center. The inauguration of the World Championship was inaugurated with the national furniture team inspired to begin winter training and prepare for the Tokyo Olympics. At the same time, he said that this World Championship was just preparing for the Tokyo Olympics. The group still has a long journey. It is necessary to recognize the benefits and find problems at the same time, and praise and self-esteem need to be released quickly. It is also a measure of maturity of athletes and coaches. Nothing on the podium.

To summarize the performance of the National Halterofaring Team in the World Championship, the team has also encountered many problems, and the following winter training and training must be solved in winter. "First and foremost, the small and medium-sized judgments against men and women are very conservative, the victory of the opponent is unexpected, the gap between opponents and opponents is still quite large, with 76, 87 and male females achieving 81kg of class opponents. For some reason, they do not mean that they are not challenging in the future, it's a very serious situation, secondly there are missing strategy and tactics of the game, missing pre-training, training concepts and models, there are problems of trial and trial, World Cup Only, the problems presented by the World Championships can be increased 100 times in the Olympic Games, we have to analyze and briefly, thirdly, our physical training and injuries, prevention, selection, team building, etc. Improving and improving. "

To do this, Zhou Jinqiang should team up and fight, go ahead, present a good job in winter training and present 6 specific requirements. "First and foremost, as the main goal of improving strength, the cutting-edge level has to be strengthened and expanded, the strength of the opponent is almost identical to the comparative advantage, the score is not the strength to gain the strength of the opponent, and second stringent management and demands, Strengthening Tempering Style Create a group that allows you to buy a good war, show the image of the Chinese iron army Reinforcing the construction of a composite group, mobilizing the excitement of all parties to improve the strength of science and technology force effectively Training and training at the level of athletic training is the core of training for weight training. and the fifth combination of the competition will solve the problems encountered in the winter training competition. Sixth, the good work of antidepressing can not be relaxed, it takes time for daily training and a committed life. "

With strong confidence in world championships, the national team must be strong in winter training

"The 4-month degree reform has progressed according to the development of world championships, we have already adjusted, but we have not fully met the contest, the players can play after more weight, the results are very high and the success rate is quite high." A summary of the World Cup, Yu Jie, coach of the national team of men, believes that players have a new understanding of the new level, winter training needs to increase strength. "Special forces, physical strength, and so on are all areas of strength, the player has a psychological and psychological understanding and improvement in the new level. After a workout in winter, there will be a new change."

In Ashgabat, the national team of men won 67, 73 and 81 kg classes in three championships. Yu Jie said that these levels remain quite in the main position, but they still can not relax, as well as strength and detail. Continue to improve. The 61-kilometer class, when the two players were defeated, lost their position. Yu Jie has said that the team will help Li Fabin and Qin Fulin help. "The 61kg class is also the key: both players have lost the Indonesian Irawan and the difference is 7 kg. We need to catch up with .The two players are able to compete with Indonesians, but they need time, from 56 kilos class, Qin Fulin, from 62 kilograms and they both needed a process of adaptation. "Yu Jie believes that the World Championship is better suited to Tian Tao and they are two very high levels, though not. He won the championship, but the performance had a huge margin. "This 181 record, with a jerk of 226 kg compared to the good performance of the history, has increased by 4 kg, an increase of 6 kg has increased, and the third has hit 236 kg, and its potential is very high, as it is a four month growth The evaluation of our level is correct. "

The new points in the Tokyo Olympics cycle have broken the thinking model. At that time, the Olympic cycle was to take part in the title of athletes, and today athletes must obtain the title. "The integration cycle is divided into three stages: each of the athletes competes at least twice in each stage, that is to say, to participate in 6 competitions and to calculate the best points, 4 of the best results, the athletes' conditions are higher and show a low cycle, accelerated and intensity High-quality features, so we need to change our training concepts, models, methods and methods. " Yu Jie has said that the new points present the physical, psychological and competitive state of athletes. The conditions required for the creation of dark seals must be met, even if they want to participate in the Olympic Games, they must participate in three stages.

Tokyo Olympics Tokyo titles have been 6 to 4, which means that each country can participate in more than 4 men. "All levels need to have two or three people to achieve enough points, and competing players at 7 levels can accumulate enough talents of thickness to prevent accidents. Now, 61, 67, 73, 81 kg talent class is still acceptable, at least 2 people points They're taking 96, 109, 109 kg or more, the only person, so we must control the training rhythm, the injury generation. "

After World Championships, the whole team of men is very committed and passionate, and is more trusted. Through the game, the opponent's situation is clearer. "In addition to improving the strength of the training team in winter, it also proposes improving the physical, mental and compressive ability of the players, the fast-paced competition in the Tokyo cycle, can be described in a very optimal level, the level and level competition required. Well, in a good competition, the players will make the power and performance faster. " Yu Jie said.

Lu Xiaojunen lover and sustainability

"I like the weight lift project, I practice for 20 years. I have a lot of weightlifting feelings, the trainer's feelings are a Master's and teammates are brothers. They are my loved ones and they are not ready." The 34-year-old reason is still stuck, Lu Xiaojun is not a guy, it's incredible love.

The Olympic champion has a lot of world record fractures, but Lu Xiaojun still has a lot of weight. "Level change has affected me. In the minute 77, I control a weight of 2 kg to get in the game, it is comfortable, it's 81 kg and the weight is not enough. It's a bit" The winner of the World Championship is the world marker Later, he lost 10 days and 77 kilograms to Lu Xiaojun. "Maybe the regularity of life is not as strong as the team and food is not so good, it will be like that. I'm afraid of adding a meal later, I fear that my weight will not rise. At 3:30 we eat a lot, I'm the lightest among competitors ".

Weight lifting Lu Xiaojunen has become an important part of the Tokyo Olympic Games, mainly because it weighs 77 kilograms in kilograms, which is not a long-term solution. Weight and strength will continue to grow at the same time to help you in the future. in a while "I have a 84 kg weight of 84 kg, because there is a lot of water in this weight, it is easier before 2 kg of game, then avoiding the sauna, up to 81 kg. I expected this World Cup and game almost anywhere between 375 and 380 kilograms It's forecast, the contest relied on it and continued its preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, but now there are two major difficulties: one does not rise, and the other one after the workout. The recovery is not faster. "

Age is an indispensable problem, and Lu Xiaojun is also very honest. "This year, training was not the best, probably 80% of the best level. If there is a lot to talk about today, the next day will be slow, but on the third day it can take a hurried start. For example, stretching and heating before training, such as relaxation after trainers and training to recover training from the beginning, to face it. "

Facing the challenges, Lu Xiaojun was chosen to continue fighting, helping the nation's heavyweight group support team to use sports extensions. "The previous Olympic cycles were young people and issues and they formed a personal capacity for training and competition, I never had a nurse at the first floor of the athlete, but last year I went to massage every day, I believe in science, the continuation of the physiological and biochemical indicators of the research team All this helps the coach regulate and pay for my training pace. "

Women's national training in winter should be improved in all directions, "Zhang Guozheng can not be less"

"In general, the situation is very serious and difficult." After winning four championships in the World Championship, the national coach of Zhang Guozheng is still modest and cautious. In accordance with its strict standards and strict demands, Chinese women need "no less need" at Olympic 7 levels to increase their strength in every aspect. "In winter training, we must continue to study serious project law, determine the characteristics of each athlete and use the technology to improve the team's strengths and guidance for training."

At Ashgabat World Championships, the Chinese women's movement stopped at the first two levels of 49-55 kg at 59. In the class of 64kg, 71kg, 76kg and 87kg 4g, 87kg or more were lost to Russia for semifinals. "We felt the levels of the minimum level before the game, which means that the strength of the opponent is above our imagination, there are some levels that cause opponents and some levels are just preliminary tests, even if the effect is good but only one phenomenon." Although Zhang Guozheng believes Although good results have been achieved in the World Championship, there is still a strict standard and strict standard. "We can not afford it for a moment, the Tokyo Olympics are already on display. There's no better step forward than ever. We have only to fight with two small levels, to kill the bloody road and still have a force line of life."

Indeed, three months after the World Championship Championship, many national women are getting better. "The strength of the players is very good, with Hou Zhihui 203 to 208 kg compared to the result of the championship, Li Yajun has risen to 218-225 kg, and Qi Hui has also risen to 10 kg. Contradictions, Look in the right direction and break your face. It's the key to improving the overall strength of all players in order to be a problem. We need to have no idea of ​​"maintenance training" or "training" and we need to innovate and break it. " In the previous cycle, the national team of women did more training to organize training. Zhang Guozheng believes that this cycle team combines training experience and technology with more support. "It's got a real science, rigorous and practical, operative from pan science".

The qualifications for women's participation in the Tokyo Olympic Games are still four, Zhang Guozheng has repeatedly emphasized the concept of "no less". "At what level we can not give up, we can unleash the potential of each level to dominate the preparation initiative, we look at the opponents of the World Championship, and we also see our opponents. We may be gaining now, but the score will not be very high next year. because they also see hope of making a challenge ". In this winter workout, the national team of women will improve the overall strength of each level and prepare the next crucial phase for the preparation of the Olympics. "The Olympics need to receive 4 levels, but now we can not get it out. The next year, the situation is changing rapidly, we need to determine what we need to do to control what we need to do: a trainer is art, adjust the direction and rhythm of the team. They are a step-up similar to achieving. "

Director: Jian Jian

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