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2018-12-01 00:03:14 Source: Tianshui Evening News

"Network mystery"
Tomten Freshness Replaces 93%, Douban gets 8.5 points, this Hollywood movie "Mystery Network" released this release has not been released, the network has broken. Notice of December 28 and poster, this year's master suspension was officially organized on December 14.
After the premiere of the film Sundance, he won two awards, "Next Generation Audience Award" and "Alfred Sloan," and became the focus of the film festival. An authoritative film critic authored the website "Comparable to" Hitchcock Movies, and Rolling Stone Magazine praised "divine abilities". Then, "Network Mystery" will travel abroad to the country. Tomato rotten freshness is 93% and the Douban score is 8.5. It is valued as the best suspense film of the year.
The film uses a special lens – "computer desktop", a full-length 102-minute feature, from the beginning to the end, presented through the electronic camera screen. Software software, video calls, browsers, search engines, translation software, etc., are the main characters, Internet space continues.

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