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Evergrande Youth Training has invested over 2,600 million for transporting more than 2,8 million Gaming Games and Gambling Games for 8 years. – Chinanews.com

Evergrande Youth Training has invested more than 2,600 million for 8 years

To train talent for Chinese football development to transport national and national 309 players

Real Madrid's teachers must be strictly enforced by Evergrande Football School drivers.

Youth training has always been the basis of Chinese football. Also known as the "Seven Wreath" of Super League, Guangzhou Evergrande has always maintained a great investment in youth training. In the new season, Evergrande's "blood transfusion reconstruction" has also benefited from the results of youth training.

Initially, in-depth training, youth training, to help Chinese footballer

Young training has always been the heart of Chinese football. After the national football team led by Milu, in the tenth decade of the World Cup, the country has set up a professional school. However, along with the decline in Chinese football performance, most of the football academies were weak. In 2011, the scales of traditional domestic football schools were significantly reduced, around 4,000 around around 20. The small school is a microcosm of Chinese football until now: the football population is less and less, young talent is very scarce, and children who want to play are hard-pressed and hard-pressed for Chinese football development.

In this area, Guangzhou Evergrande and Real Madrid have collaborated in the presentation of the Spanish youth training system and the construction of the largest international football school in Guangdong. Real Madrid has placed the Real Madrid Youth Training and Youth Training Club in the Real Madrid Club with 24 levels of professional level and professional training. A student selection system, training system, competition system and assessment system have been established.

System, get in and out strategically

For young players, multi-game growth is essential. Evergrande Football School offers players plenty of opportunities. According to statistics, Evergrande Football School U9-U13 elite players of all ages participate in the "Football League Cup" youth football matches and other important events in 50 events; Spain is one of the elite 13-year-old U13-U18 of all ages, who each year have 60 games like the "Madrid Football Championship" and the "Hengda Cup" International Football Championship.

In this edition, Evergrand will invest 50 million yuan in Spain to hold the "Hengda Cup" of the Madrid Football Championship and to invite the highest group of teams of the same age group in Madrid to participate every year in two seasons. For 10 months, ensure that students of all ages of all ages of the Spanish age range at high level, in order to compete competing for high-quality and high-quality matches to improve competition. This initiative can also be seen as a strategic link between "come" and "go".

Results Submit a large number of national talents

Zhaocai, Deputy Director of the General Administration of the General State Administration and the Secretary of the Chinese Federation of Football Federation, once said: "China's football is a retreat for young people. Training for youth is China's soccer reform and a strategic focus on development and revitalization of Chinese football, which is linked to the future of Chinese football. "All-China Class" and the Super League Zhuqiang to promote youth training. Xu Jiayin, chief of Evergrande, said: "Hengda has continued to prepare all the expenses to build youth training. The school has spent 1,9 million yuan and has invested 100 million yuan annually now with more than 2.6 million euros ".

Higher investment is a high-performance football talent. Evergrand has won 63 national and international championship competitions for 309 people, for the National Youth and National Gaming Games, and more than 3,000 young talent at all levels. There are 241 coaches and referees.

Tan Kaiyuan, Wang Shilong, Chen Quanjiang, etc., have been trained by Evergrande Football School, and now they are entering the first team. From the point of view of the club, Evergrand has achieved a self-hematopoietic basic function, and Xu Jiayin also laughed and said: "The txapela has started." In fact, a 2,800-person soccer guard is also based on Evergrande for "all Chinese classes".

Beijing News Reporter Zhou Xiao

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