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Everyone who has been interviewed interviewed Yuan Keping, writer Dajiang Dahe: attracts 20% of the work. I never thought of conquering anyone. | Daily Economic News


At the end of the year, "Great River", the 2018 drama was not only broken, but it was good for 2019.

Nice and nice Ping Ping, the temple and the direct eye Lei Dongbao, Yang light patrol, a little Song Yunhui spleen … These cool cards are still surprised in our minds though they leave the screen. .

The old and young "Dajiang Dahe" has eliminated the difference between generations and has become a popular drama for the whole country. What are the highlights in the second half? How do you evaluate the creatives? How does the prayer drama look good? Thanks to questions and expectations, "Daily Economic News" journalist interviewed the drama writer Yuan Keping when "Dajiang Dahe" was over.

In the winter of Beijing, the hat was bitter. Yuan Keping was cold. After retrieving, it was still exhausted. However, when he talked about the emergence of Dajiang Dahe, he was immediately full of energy and excitement.

Talk about good work: the key is to write a few people

"Writing is very hard and requires honesty and hard work." At the start of the interview, Yuan Kille expressed his intention and perseverance in its creation.

The film industry situation has been a difficult situation in 2018, which is very enthusiastic for everyone. After all, this is a content-driven industry. Capital, stars and large IPs are great packages and support. They are not an interim panacea. Yuan Keping concluded that the reason for the lack of good drama of 2018 is correct: "It's not a creature, and a lot of work has been done and they have invested in a lesser degree." He thinks that the failure of these plays can be imagined.

"Check list", "People's name", "Among the great rivers and rivers", fire is the expression of a quality drama. "Today's viewers are becoming more and more capable of appreciating art, but now we have to force them to watch the drama we are offering is very difficult." Yuan Ke has commented on how to use quality television and television channels today. Playing drama, filmmaking and the way of acting for young audiences, but rather at the beginning of the script.

Why "Dajiang Dahe" can revive with old and old generations, who goes to everyone who has lived in this era or has not lived, moved deeply. "The greatest proof of writers is understanding of time". Yuan Keping has said that this era, and if you did not love the time of reform and openness, you can not watch it, have more experience and understanding. It will be hypocritical. For this reason, "the comprehension of reform and openness for 40 years is the greatest proof of the writer".

After tens of years of hard work, it can be touched. In the play, he performed a hot search on the "Song Yunping assembly line", which moved many audiences. "Pingping's death is an accident, but the death of the old secretary gave me the breath of the soul." Yuan Keping said the old secretary and Lei Dongbao "The Big River" are touching the characters, "Lei Dongbao. Down China's first generation of reforms down, which reminds us that the Wujiang leaders overthrow.

Good work is just a good story, but more importantly, writing powerful people. "I always believe that standard success must be left with different characters."

As a screenwriter, honest and hard work to improve the quality of the work. During diversification, there are many entertainment methods for everyone. Yuan Keping believes that work attracts 20% of people. "I never thought anyone could conquer or dare to wait. The goal is to try to like more people."

Yuan Keping is still regretting "Dajiang Dahe." "We did not eat enough of the novel, and we did not get the best integration point, but the overall score is pretty good."

The great demands written by Yuan Keping can be seen from his daughter Yuan Zibor, scriptwriter "Ode to Joy". However, before Yuan Ziju had fallen in love with that, Yuan Keping did not make any interference, and her daughter thought she should follow the path.

"He had a painful writing process, when he wrote a TV episode, he wrote a passage of death and could not write six or seven episodes, because people killed him, but all this must be understood and understood. Growth." In ordinary words by Yuan Keping, We feel, even if she does not force her daughter anything, she will carefully examine her daughter's growth. "I began to write a class of students, the text is very beautiful, but it's not as beautiful as a person. I took a written book and told" people. "Yuan Keping smiled shyly." It grew faster and with an eye gesture. It seemed to be a play. In the end, the bullet was a success. "

Talk about creation: the shortcut is not there, you have to "grind" the moment

There are few records on Yuan Keping on the Internet. He is not an active and productive scriptwriter. Before leaving the youngsters, it was "a partial time".

Yuan Keping, a professional worker, graduated after ten years. After the success of the test group, he started writing novels. Nowadays, he is the first national screenwriter of the Provincial Institute of Art in Hunan, but tells him "Dajiang Dahe". He has been working for over 15 years. These include "Dramatic Action" and "Underwater" TV drama as well known to audiences. The Flying Television Award, the Tian Han Drama Prize and the Hunan Province Five Engineering Prize.

There are some jobs, but "I will use all my energy to work hard", Yuan Keping has said that there is no direct network in its creation. "Good work needs a lot of time to" grind "and drama in cinema and television dramas. In general, they can not pass the test of time, and the expectations of the audience are not."

In 2018 it coincided with the 40th anniversary of the reform and inauguration. A drama in honor of unexpected waves was set in motion. The protagonists entered the reality and reform, trying to find the world. Yuan Keping said: "At present, the plays are being labeled with several poems, chronographs and melodies, which seems to have labeled these plays: poor quality and false. Chronological drama and homage are not, but our authors and reality many frontiers ".

"I do not think the main melody is not well written, but we have a deviation in the understanding of the main melody. It is very important that we can share our emotions with them." Yuan Keping said that the creator himself can not revive the work, the audience can not be surprised. "Love parents, love family, love kindness, love warmth, that is, human emotions are common, and we are the common causes we want to create." These emotions are not as good as age. "

Yuan Keping thinks that the audience becomes a reality in one of the greatest difficulties in the creation of modern drama. "If you want to write listeners who think it is difficult for the audience, they will see it after a while."

Today, the film and television industry is still influencing the Hollywood industrialization system, but "reindustrialization can not create a manual". Yuan Keping said.

Talking about the IP bubble: more prosperity will be attributed to the cold

Yuan Keping does not work much, and is based mainly on serious realism. But, of course, they are veterans. "Read thousands of grilles, fantasy, crop, city, science fiction, and everyone can not see it." After a ridiculous and ridiculous look, he reflected for about two weeks. "The number of writers has increased and quality has decreased lately. In recent years, new webmasters have not been successful, so they have slaughtered it."

Although it is in charge of all kinds of flower industry, over the last ten years, the most popular subject is one of the IP drama-adapted networks of the text. "Step by step", "Flower Thousand Bone" and other explosives have come up with rumors. However, when high levels of IP remained, many IPs that did not have a fan conversion rate were sold at a good price and sold. The result was often that the viewers did not buy and weakened their mouths.

"The blowout deadline has passed and the excellent work in the text does not directly affect the development of film and television drama work." Yuan Keping bluntly said: "Although it's strangest, bubble will burst and more prosperity will be thrown into the cold." Likewise, there may be pessimism, but do not give up. "It is common to have a channel when it is not possible to survive or be prosperous during the campsite, and the authors and film companies have a lot more patience and a future, it's a good cooking, but the best time is worse, the most important thing is sustainability."

At the end of the interview, Yuan Keping revealed that he is currently preparing another modern subject from the late 1970s to the early 1980s.

Why do you have a soft spot in modern drama? Reform and openness have a great impact on him and he is full of strength, remembering the road, because Yuan Keping is full of emotion: "China is certainly rich and the most important thing is that I never saw any food that I've ever seen. It's a great and great thing in China!" Look at the report And he said a word at the same time: "Do not imagine that there are no luncheons, but for us we are never children. A whole generation."

When Yuan Keping had fallen in memory, he could not help to tighten his fingers. "I found three carrots in place (thickness of small thickness). The farmer wanted to see the skin of the bull and he was going and wanted to get the carrot. I quickly approached and started to eat mud."

"China is rich and we must recognize the different dividends caused by reform and openness". Fifteen years is a long process. China has undergone changes in earthquake. Yuan Keping is very pleased. "While work, but the return to poverty for illness, return to poverty that is suffering from the disease or natural disasters, life is basically decent and can almost be eaten by a drink, although working-age workers have to be salaries. to dance and dance to your grandson ".

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