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Explosive departure, look Harden these days

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December 29, 2019 at 4:51 p.m. Source: Beijing Morning Post Interact participation

Explosive departure, look Harden these days.

He has won 30 matches in the match for 8 consecutive games, so that Rocket can win three consecutive victories

Yesterday, during the regular NBA season, Rockets won Celtic's 127-113 win over home and won three straight. Harden (right image) is still hot in the game. He scored 45 points in the game and won 9 races in three races. He scored 30 goals in 8 consecutive matches.


Harden is the main game

Rockets vs. In the Celtics game, Harden once again showed his superiority: in the first quarter, "Beard" was outstripped by almost three hours. He made three dimensions in this quarter. On the 5th, Rockets is 35 to 24 years old at the end of the first quarter. Rockets extended to 17 points from the second quarter, but Celtics hacked a rest and recovered his hand. He finished in the 55th minute. From the 57th. However, Harden progressed again in the third quarter and won, Rockets brought a 6 point advantage in the fourth quarter. In the end, the Rockets bank players played well, and with Green's two 3 showcases, the team opened the 103-90 void. Since then, the advantage of Rockets has not been threatened, and eventually won 127 and 113 wins.

Talk after the game

MVP candidate should join

In this game, Harden scored 9 points and scored 45 points, 6 support and 2 rebounds. 9 three exhibitors linked the bearded three-point record with a single-headed career – the match against Knicksen on 31st December 2016, Harden scored 16 points out of 16 in 53 points, became the only player in Rockets history with at least nine showcases. This is also the sixth game that is going to be at least 35 points, which has become the fourth player in the last 20 years. Kobe (2002-2003, 13 match games 35+), Le Brown James (35+ matches in the 2005-2006 season), Anthony (at least 35 points in six consecutive games for the 2012-2013 season).

Harden's latest work has asked people to join the MVP candidate. Harden's opinion is: "Obviously, I should like to include it in this debate. I do not like it for many people, but it does not affect me. I'm doing it at night. There may be other players selected to compete with MVP, but for now I have earned this degree again. "Beijing Morning News reporter Zhou Xiao

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