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Feature article: 2019, more "science fiction" in reality – the moon, this one, will be the first place – Xinhuanet


2019-01-08 15:54:31 Source: Xinhuanet

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 8 Feature article: 2019, more "science fiction" has become a reality

Xinhua News Agency Magazine

At the beginning of the new year, the first visitor was welcomed in the back of the moon. The fourth generation of science fiction film began with the world's 2019 science and technology profiles.

Like "嫦娥", humans are soon approaching "land of strangers", and scenes that appear on science fiction once more are becoming a reality. Even in 2019, looking for stars, looking at the web or even human health is not expected to be shining.

Deep detection: the goal of the universe is to go further

"In 2019, we will go back to the moon". Isaac Asimov's science fiction master made this announcement 35 years ago. Although the "spatial settlement" has not yet been implemented, the sky of 2019 will not take Asimov. From the moon, the asteroid may be said to be a "good game" in the space of extraterrestrial exploration.

"Guanghan Palace" is not "cold." When Jade Rabbit placed "嫦娥", he left the first mark of humanity already in the "yard of the palace". This is not as easy as "going", but it goes beyond the horrible scientific value and imagination.

"There is no owner of the car or behind the back of the moon in the background …" Under a news release by the Xinhua News Agency, the netizen commentary won over 2,000 prayers. If science fiction seems to work, then the lunar exploration will renew human consciousness repeatedly.

The Palace is divided into Gui and competes in many countries. The United States expects this year to send small, low-cost freight on the moon, to explore the way the astronauts return to the moon and set the moon's orbit platform at the beginning of the 1920s; In Russia, efforts are being made in 2021, and many of the detectors were launched, including lunar exploration, lunar lakes in Antarctica, and deep sampling.

In science fiction works, asteroids have many stories: humans are mines and travel on them to create a "survival oasis". The reality is to explore deep spaces, as the asteroids are definitely "partial doors". However, the 2019 survey of asteroids is quite interesting. The first sampling mission of the United States asteroid, the Orris-Rex probe, was introduced to Benue as an asteroid at the end of 2018 and sends detection information to fly around. With 500 meters in diameter, Beno is the smallest object in the human space in the past. There is a chance to detect this small heavy flight. Until now, even in science fiction, this has not happened.

The solar system exploration and even the extraterrestrial space will continue. The US "Tess" exoplanet exploration officially started "operating" last year and will try to find a "new world" outside of the solar system. The Voyager 2 probe also went to the south end of the heliosphere in the end of last year and began to explore a space star. The 2019 exploration results are well worth it.

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