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Feng Xiaogang's tribute to the flower basket in Mao Zedong is being accused of being powerful – worry-free information


Ultimately, Cui Yongyuan bombed Feng Xiaogang in Weibo (Source: @ 范 缤 心)

Feng Xiaogang changed the previous "old gun" style and Cui Yongyuan complained for a long time (Source: @ 范 缤 心)

Feng Xiaogang Lushan called "an excessive desire for survival" (Source: @ 范 缤 心)

On November 27, Beijing time, China's Internet, some news and Chinese Feng Xiaogang director in Lushan, and some photos were attached.

According to the nether review, Feng Xiaogang presented a flower basket that was not in front of Mao Zedong, but he visited Mao Zedong's former headquarters.

According to this behavior, the desire for survival of Feng Xiaogang was very hard. Prior to the career crisis, Wang Shi, former Vanke company, Xibaipo, a revolutionary holy place, was tribute to the revolutionary Communist Party of China, saying "without forgetting the original heart". Sharp results Feng Xiaogang's pilgrimage to the Lushan Mountain should be the same.

Feng Xiaogang has recently said "confusing constantly."

On November 17, Weibo "Beijing Yintaian Investment Consulting Co., Ltd." The chairman of "Weibo Netizen", the old captain, "issued a microblogging certificate, said:" The Feng pants were fined 2 million yuan (US $ 1 a yuan is 0.1441), it has recently been announced. It can take 500 times. "In comments, he clearly refers to" Feng pants "by Feng Xiaogang.

On October 31, some Netizens showed two screens in Weibo, showing a list of Chinese celebrities who died in 2018, and the list is still alive with Feng Xiaogang and Fang Zhouzi. Both are "enemies" or "bad" in Cui Yongyuan's mouth. Some netizens have said "some people are alive, but they are already dead. They may be Feng Xiaogang and Fang Zhouzi."

On September 16th, it was released by Jia Zhangke, "The Children of the Rivers and Lakes", and the home version was 136 minutes. According to previous news, Feng Xiaogang played a doctor in a game, about 5 minutes in total. The scenes in the public version disappeared, and a single hand was revealed on the screen. Feng Xiaogang's name was also removed on the poster.

On September 4, Cui Yongyuan, former former Chinese Conventional Circuit, published nine images of Weibo. Eight were related to the Huayi Brothers, but the images were indecent. According to the photo, Feng Xiaogang, Wang Zhonglei, Li Bingbing and Shu Qi enter.

In May, Cui Yongyuan reported many fans of the Internet, such as Feng Xiaogang and Fan Bingbing, stealing the taxes on yin and yang due to alleged public concern.

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