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First premiere of London's fashion incubation projects – Dayang Net – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-26 07:52:17 Source: Ocean Network

In London Fashion Week, the 2018 fashion design incubation project was presented. Young designers, in general, open their layout views, keeping the creator of each designer, keeping the individual features of each designer. For example, Saini repeats the modern elements artificially, releasing the richness of individual and chic pieces. For example, LUMILLE YOLO, an ever-targeted personalized personalization, first entered the women's wear market, focused on the "dimensional dimension of time and space", based on Einstein's relativity theory and quantum entangle, using the quantum operation's waveform waveform. Finally, it is simplified and presented in the field of T, creative and fashionable.

(Article Source: Dayang)

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