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From Goddess to mother, Jia Jingwen has become envious to everyone! – Untrusted information


In the last two days, energy and the most romantic birthplace are the wedding of Jia Jingwen and Xiu Jie. There are three children who offer blessings. Each of these family is very envious.

Jia Jingwen and Xiu Jiezhen were registered to marry in 2015, and they were re-organized on Bali on November 25.

In the preparation of the ceremony, the dinners are very small. Wedding sessions are by Xiu Jie and her family. Wu Tongmei sends a ring, tears, moods and moods.

In other words, no one has published the honest publication, it has become more and more popular for the public.

Both feelings go far beyond words, people also feel in love with the photos.

Both men tend to travel, a strange and temporary story, with the feeling of a couple of love-loving love.

Couples who adapt to each other also have fashion.

As regards the family of five, it is even more important. The happy child and husband meet, and many fans happily congratulate the goddess's happiness.

Many people say after the child, they say they have lost their lives. But, in fact, when they love, happiness will not only reduce half, but there will be more contact.

And the goddess is lucky, for her second marriage for this happy life. Jia Jingwen said: "We're very rich!" Because we've had "no happiness, no happiness, no pleasure", we keep all of the key elements of life in our lives, and that's why we now have it. The attitude of life ~ gradually decorates the everyday!

Do not be afraid of time, not afraid of older, because all year long is accompanied by lovers and children, how you can live with your Jia Jingwen can not be beautiful.

Jia Jingwen, after being married to three pregnant women goddesses, even though most of her life is dedicated to family and children, still retains youth and attitude.

During the time of the event, dressed in a black or white dress, elegant and dignified, like a glamorous youth.

The shoulder or shoulders should be designed by the shoulders, as well as the passionate and intellectual side of Jiawens' temperament.

And, from time to time, taking a picture, it's also a guy, it can take many styles. It looks like a white leather belt with a white dress. Polka-dot white and white-puff hood is a skirt full-skirt full of retro and charm. The red clothes are elegant and elegant, but without losing the atmosphere.

In the street style, Jia Jingwen is full of girls. The form of sports model is younger and more beautiful.

Star artist's identity has been lost and Jia Jingwen has really lived. Sometimes traveling, doing manuals, doing exercises, and having a quiet and peaceful lifestyle.

After the wedding, Jia Jingwen still maintains a slender figure, and therefore, in her everyday life, the most common style is sports and leisure socks with woolen short tops or denim, and the feet are sporty shoes, very refreshing and energetic. .

Winter boots and long coats are no less, depending on a simple and simple shape, it is very hot.

In this way, the beauty is beautiful, the halo can be alive and the wonderful goddess can not live.

Send blessings to the goddess, and happiness will always be with you.

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