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From now on, go to the water – summarize the construction and ideology and political work of the party at the University, the XIXth Communist Party of China From the National Congress – Xinhua Net

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 14 Title: Toilet and Live Water Activating: Construction Party and Ideological Work in Colleges and Universities Summary, from the XIX National Congress of the Communist Party of China

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The education plan is an excellent country and party plan, linked to the development of education in the country and the national future.

XIX Communist Party of China The National Congress The Chinese education system guided Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese features and has understood the key roles of Lide Shuren as well as enhancing the leadership and leadership of the leadership of the universities, emphasizing ideological leadership and strengthening the party's construction. To strengthen the effectiveness of ideological and political issues and to inject "water life sources" into the construction of the party and ideology and politics at schools and universities.

ofReconsider the use of innovative theoretical results of the Party party and continually improve the political identity, ideological identity, theoretical personality and emotional identity.

"Where does the party go where we take our bags?" "Where is a career, where is love, is it home?" At Xi'an Jiaotong University, I talked about "Xi Qian's" Professor Ma Zhien, standing in the Great Hall of People in Pulpitu, about the history of bloody, bloody and boiling.

In several colleges and universities, the old teacher group "Westward Migration", Huang Danian, Li Baoguo, Zhong Yang and other deeds have adapted drama dramas. Teachers and students feed on the surrounding stories and the most common in the area.

"Thousands of university campus consultants and a" network tour "activity attracted more than 500,000 students to listen to the report, and saw more than 10 million students broadcast directly." Learning new ideas, thousands of teachers and students are at the same stage. Class activities invite renowned theoretical experts to form a group of university lecturers, academics, academics, Changjiang lecturers and lecturers. Through television conferences, network communication, demonstration of the competition, demonstration courses, advertising campaign, etc. Integrate the entire learning process for teachers and students.

Wooden wood must have its roots: Huaishan must be its source.

In recent years, teachers' tactics, teaching materials, teaching methods and mechanisms, ideological and political classes are akin to pupils, "thirst thirsty" and "sun" and personality that show their personality and to continually improve their teachers and students. Political identity, ideological identity, theoretical identity and emotional identity.

In 2018, the survey of ideological and political criteria for university students, 94.2% of university students said that it was "happiness saving", and 92.6% of university students considered "personal interests and collective interests should take into account the interests and national interests and collective interests of the people in conflict. They believe that 94.4% of university students should turn "university students into strong role models of active believers, active communication and socialist values."


Improve the quality of the improvement of the population's quality of construction, strengthen the organizational efforts of basic organizations and improve the basic skills of the schools.

"I have the will to reconcile the Communist Party in China, I support the party's agenda and I respect the party's letter …" In October 2018, in the revolutionary center of the Party Party of the Dabie Mountain Party, 308 teachers, national and university professors, the party's secretariat "double leader" People "Looking at the party flag, again solemnly sworn.

In order to fully comply with the requirements for fulfilling the strict functions, the Ministry of Education carries out the "double leadership" project of the Secretary of the university institute and creates the "leaders" of the university and university secretary. It builds the branch of the teacher's party and the ideological and political work of the teachers. Improved overall quality. The Ministry of Education applies the "Union Co-operation" of the Union and the College of Building Education Institutions, which currently carries out high-quality demonstrations and universities in schools and universities. It promotes institutional institutional models, the construction of the party, benchmarking departments and model branches. Faculty and university system organizer is more sound. The game is a powerful university leader.

Liaoning, colleges and universities created 5,472 "party-standardized offices", 1317 "branches of the model party" and 392 "red banner offices"; Zhejiang had 63 colleges and 63 universities. System, analysis and resolution of the "central obstruction" problem of the leadership leadership of the party; Shandong, Jilin, Hebei, Sichuan, etc. In 21 provinces, select the party secretariat to fully implement private schools and private universities …

In the first line of teaching and educating people, in the fight for reform and development, and at the forefront of poverty alleviation, participants actively participate in self-assessment and hard work. 210,000 of the 210,000 high school and 210,000 college battlefields are organizations of the party that strengthen the potential of education and the unresolved education of people's satisfaction.

Integrated education is actively built in a new way, improving the continuous improvement of ideological and political education and supporting work protection.

Zhejiang University implements the "Expert Report + Teacher's Key Subjects + Student Research Study + On-Site Teaching" teaching model with talented training with first-class ideological and political work; Wuhan University will determine the "student orientation" and the "Candlelight Navigation Project", together with all the educational resources, Shanghai Jiaotong University perfects the student's idea and policy "great learning, great practice", organizing more than 100 groups and 10,000 people He has practiced every year … They are not ideological and political work. Then, on their faces, the "great flood of water" became a "drip irrigation", and ideological and political work survived, rooted and flourished.

Over the last year, the Ministry of Education has carried out an additional education aimed at all the staff of education, launching a pilot program for the "three-quarter education" integral reform and promoting theoretical innovation and practical exploration.

In 2018, Beijing implemented "Difficulties in the Difficulties of Ideological and Political Work at the University and Colleges of Beijing", investing 10 million yuan in 10 schools based on strong "Ideological and Political Education" and "Three Comprehensive Education"; Jiangxi University Red The advantages of Resource, to promote the role of Jinggangshan in schools and universities in the ideological and political work, and to reproduce the role of educating cultures, Hunan University establishes a "six-way" educational model that offers Hunan University culture, practice, emotion, group, entrepreneurship and role model . Faced with faculties and universities, it presents a magnificent and excellent state of "tertiary education".

Yucai is the king of the country. Concerning the general leadership of the Party's education, Lide Shuren adheres to a central bond, and socialist and heirs develop moral, intellectual and artistic development. Chinese higher education will create new opportunities in the new start point. Greater glory, when he realized that "two hundred years ago", he had a strong talents of talent and realized the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of Chinese nations.

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