Friday , August 19 2022

Gao Xiaosong Wu Yifan responds to Wu Yifan's self-proclaimed response as naive – Entertainment News


Netease Entertainment reported on Aug. 25, recently, that Gao Xiaosong said "Qi Yu said" that Wu Yifan was very similar to discussing online. Then, Gao Xiaosong sent it to Weibo: "Everything that Qi Yu Suo discusses, and my opinions are not for me, my long-term beautiful, geeks, etc., but unforgettable. Ah!"

Midnight Xiaosong said they were like Wu Yifan. Often some came out of this. This is the worst bladder of Wu Yifan, but often some are eager for Wu Yifan. "You will grow up".

Gao Xiaosong responded to the response kidnapped by Wu Yifan Wu Yifan. Gao Xiaosong sent a microblog "information", but also a beautiful young man. Wu Yifan replied: How do you get my picture?

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