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The match between Manchester United and Arsenal can also be claimed. It is incredible that both sides have scored 2 and 2 goals and Manchester United scored 2 goals.

Despite being Manchester United and Arsenal, the two cars are different, Mourinho (left), which is immune's shoulder and lowers his face. On the contrary, Arsenal has accused Iraqi 20 unbeaten. A Melly Smile can be seen. (Photo: AFP)

Manchester United and Arsenal can also win a huge win, but it can not be striking because both sides have scored 2 and 2 points and it has scored 4 goals as Manchester United players have played. advanced

After playing, Manchester United coach Mourinho commented on the game and said: "We have scored 4 goals and finished 2-2. As before, we made mistakes and paid prices. I played well but I also acted, But our fighting spirit is very strong and the players are ready to fight. I have to praise the team. "

"They really moved and it was very hard. Some players did not have the best time this season, but Smolin was in a difficult situation, but when we only missed the ball, Shenna seems to be threatening."

Madman Arsenal's dissatisfaction is seeking peace

At the same time, he said Arsenal seems to be "counting", "our defensive players are dying," Arsenal drew, floped, stopped the game, ended the game, all defense players were dead, physically, what happened at the time.

Even though the Premier League won the first goal of Mustafi, the deflections of the De Gea butter wheels crossed the ball to the Dragon Gate. However, Manchester United's two-way backsliding state of affairs, to score equally scoring out, the overall performance is still outstanding.

Marshall has got a birthday

Among them, De Gea, despite the wheel's hand, saved Obameiyan's attack twice, and also faced the opposite of the Torrela cart.

Marshall got his birthday (December 5), gave him a gift and won the seventh Premier League this season. Manchester United is one of the first players in the Premier League after finishing his birthday in Rooney after October 2004, and Rooney was the rival to Arsenal. However, following Martial's injury, Lukaku was replaced and no injury was determined.

Imeli: 1 point is not bad

Although Imer continued to play five-game (4 and 1 loss) Mourinho, he was happy with the results of the game. He said: "I think we have a good control of the game, the second half is better than in the first half, and for some time we could win this game, but after two goals, the opponent responded very quickly, but we must improve the defense but be balanced We need and we have not lost the chance of attack. "

He also emphasized that they want to win, but this point is not bad.

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