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Given the tendency of the proprietary market, how long can we buy at the buyer's market? – All are there, unlike property tax, mortgage interest rate – not obsessed with Zhang Ping's financial

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Original title: From the current tendency of the real estate market, how long can it be returned to the buyer's market?

Given the current situation of the real estate market, the situation is still quite determined to implement real estate regulation and control. Without a downward pressure on the economy, the real estate regulation and control policy will be completely relaxed. Instead, it will take "strategy of the city" based on different cities. Situation, real estate regulation. The real estate market is gradually entering the speculative process.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, the real estate market has cooled sharply. Second-hand and second-hand housing in the second-hand housing market "is priceless and the market is not." New home businesses have also seen the price reduction for developers. Old owners have defended their rights. The demand for real estate investments is being withdrawn, the buyer is not far from the market.

Currently, the real estate market is gradually returning to the purchaser's market process. There are two main reasons: First, due to the continuous performance of real estate regulations, housing prices are expected to increase. It is not worthwhile, however, the prices fall and fall are expected. As a result, the demand for specific investment for home buyers has been greatly reduced.

On the other hand, the expectations of future income are not good. At the end of 2018, several manufacturing companies survived, Internet companies decided to suspend people, contracted developers and layoffs, etc. The domestic economy was a downward pressure. Many people did not expect the optimistic duration to last. That is why the demand for speculation and investment purchases is declining rapidly.

However, in order to return the real estate property to the buyer's market, it will depend on the following important factors: First, when real estate will enter into real estate. From the current situation, the real estate information register has been connected to the country, and in almost two or three years, it has been a tax on goods. If the real estate tax is strictly enforced, the property tax will be imposed, the cost of the occupants will increase. Many houses will be built on the market and real estate will soon return to the buyer's market.

Secondly, whether mortgages may be in the current interest rate or not. In the past, the demand for home purchases was very strong, especially since the mortgage interest rate was very low, that is, encouraging everyone to buy housing. Today, many banks will increase the interest rate by 20-30%, which will increase the cost of housing. Not only will people ask for real estate speculation, but people who do not have to buy a house in the short term will need to "think calmly". As a result, domestic demand for purchases is decreasing and real estate is increasing and will reach the buyer's market.

Third, the establishment of long-term mechanisms will divert the purchase of commercial property purchases. Nowadays, all peoples continue to establish a long-term real estate market mechanism. While the housing market continues to develop, housing rental is actively developing in the market and housing market. The demand for a large number of home purchases will be directed to the housing and housing rental market, to reduce the pressure on the commercial market, and the increase in the state of affluence will emerge and the buyers market will emerge.

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