Wednesday , September 28 2022

Gold ball is fraudulent? Election vote poll Messi's first change has been in vain without worrying


In the 2018 balloon vote, Messi was ranked fifth, unlike the general media and fans. In the end, not counting his personal abilities or his achievements, Messi is not the fifth person in football. Today, the vote of the Golden Globes is even bigger. According to Costa Rican journalist Li Bude, he voted for the first time to vote for Messi, but the final result was that Messi was the fifth.

On Twitter, Li Bude stated that there was a problem with the Golden Globe vote. Li Bude gave five votes to Messi, Modric, Ronaldo, Salah and Gleizman. However, voting results announced in the Golden Globe vote, Gleizman, Salah, Ronaldo, Modric and Messi were voted on. Li Bude's vote order and the Golden Globe Awards are the opposite.

Does Li Bude write his wrong position, or does "French Football" make a mistake in counting votes? Li Bude thinks he thinks this. Li Bude has contacted "French Football" and asked for his vote registration and dissemination. Li Bude participated in the Golden Globe Awards in 2010 and 2014, and there was no problem at the time.

Messi was Mei Laowu, coach of Barcelona Balweed could not understand. "I want to congratulate Modric, it's an excellent player, but Messi is in fifth place. I do not say anything." Valverde stated: "Everyone has their own point of view, I am not valued as to whether or not there is a reason to choose a reasonable person."

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