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Guoping responds to the end of the year, Japan has become the biggest opponent of the Tokyo Olympics – Chinanews


In the end of the year he gave a response to Guoping, Japan's Tokyo Olympics will be the biggest opponent

Xinhua News Agency, Incheon, South Korea, December 16 (Zong Yi reporter, Yan Xuepeng) 16th, ITTF 2018 final, completed the Final World Tour finals. Chinese Ping-Pong Legion only got five projects. A champion. For Guppy, while preparing for the Tokyo Olympics, the Japanese race is growing rapidly.

On the final day of the championship, Chinese double team Chen Xingtong / Sun Yingsha played against Japan's Honda Hina / Ito Mei team. In the game, the Japanese team had a better situation and soon won a 3: 0 match to win the Japanese team's second championship. The singles singles first, Japan's 15-year-old teenager, Zhang Benzhi and 4: 1, defeated Chinese Lin Gaoyuan at the ITTF finalists' males.

Compared to the Japanese team, Guoping won only the female solo champion. Korean players and Hong Kong players won double men and double champions. The winner of the championship, five competitions, is not a good transcript of Guoping. However, given the unexpected factors of this competition, such as the retirement of Malone injury, the reference value of this transcript is quite limited.

During this year's events, Guoping has a full advantage. However, Japanese tennis table levels have increased rapidly, especially paying attention. In particular, 15-year-old Zhang Benzhi and 18-year-old Ito Meicheng have shown strength.

As with the 4th of this event, Ito Meisuke was eliminated in the first round of women's singles, but won twice as many women's competitions in the championship. It has grown rapidly in recent years. This year's Japanese Open and Swedish Open won the women's solo tournament. Especially at the Swedish Open, Ito Meicheng won Liu Shiwen, Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling and other Chinese women tennis players and won the women's solo tournament.

In this competition, Zhang Benzhi and by the way, will win the championship. Although Fan Zhendong did not, the only number in the world is spectacular. This year's Japan Open, Malone, Zhang Jike and other Chinese men have won, and have since increased the confidence of Zhang Benzhi.

With Zhang Benzhi and Yi Teng Mei Cheng, Japanese players such as Ishikawa Kazuo and Dan Yu Xiao Xi also have the strength.

Currently less than two years away from the Tokyo Olympic Games, the ITTF final performance and the performance of this year's events will gradually increase the Japanese table tennis and then host the advantage and the Chinese Ping Pong Legion will become the Tokyo Olympics. opponents

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