Wednesday , October 27 2021

Hainan has launched "Eight Dramatic Projects" to win the war against drugs: national victims, criminal cases, daily laws, main leadership, five-day laws


Hainan launched "Eighty Severe Projects" to win the anti-drug war
It jumps from 21 to 5, it only has two years at national level

□ Our reporter Xing Dongwei Xiao Xiaogong

The number of causes in the province fell by 23.0% in year-on-year terms, with 53.55% year-on-year terms, 53.85%, and 66.78% in robbery cases. Thanks to Hainan, the achievements were achieved as of November 8, 2016. The Commission and the Provincial Councils organized an unprecedented war against three-yearly conferences.

"Indeed, Hainan's report on the" Daily Law "of the Directorate General of Drugs in Hainan has been under control of drugs under the control of the" eight rigid and eighty-eight "Hainan, the provincial governor and governor Shen Xiaoming, Li Jun, The Deputy Secretary of the province's board was detained, Liu Xingtai, a member of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee, and the Permanent Commission of the Political and Legal Committee, and the Director of the Department of Public Safety, Fan Huaping, specifically arrested people, The number of criminal cases dropped sharply and social security improved dramatically. In the national assessment of anti-drug operations in 2018, Hainan jumped to 2015 by 2015, from 5 to 2017. He entered the national elite levels, recognizing the two main leaders of the Ministry of Public Safety and confirmation they received it

"Five-class party and government"

On November 30 this year, Li Jun attends the Department of Drugs of the Province of Hainan, where he went to investigate and organize the latest key tasks and seeks to achieve the "four conflicts guarantees three" for the national anti-drug assessment. Hainan Provincial Council and the provincial government have been fighting for a three-year battle as a practical action to establish the spirit of the main secretary of Tang Clan Ping as a practical action for the "high-level" project, which is a great vision and a great promotion. The investment guarantee has never been more.

To do this, Liu Cigui and Shen Xiaoming have made important antiquity instructions more than 20 times. Li Jun was the chief commander of the three-year anti-drug conference. Liu Xingtai and Fan Huape arranged and extended several special lessons. Today, the Provincial Government of Hainan and the provincial governments, cities, districts, municipalities (streets) and villages (residences) have been promoted at an anti-trust conference, comprehensive social security management and senior management councils of municipal councils. The regional magistrate was the main leader in the command and supervision line and understood the province's "five levels and government" drug control model.

Anti-drug work is a systematic project, and the police can not blame. Hainan takes the inter-departmental and systematic operations to complete a three-dimensional, full-time and full-fledged working mechanism.

The reporter states that establishing a joint commercial operation system that is in line with the requirements of the operations, the General Assembly has specially established a series of commands. Each of the "Rigorous projects" project has identified the management department and, as a result, has established a subcontracting department to meet the public's responsibility. The order is unified and consistent. In addition, setting up an operational mechanism for the implementation of an operational operation, the "monthly programming, quarterly summary" working system, Li Jun arranged a regular meeting. Establish a phase of implementation of the operational model around the general objective and develop detailed chronology and road map.

"Eight painstaking projects" is poisonous

"In the last two years, the entire province has led to rigorous debt, rigor, strict blockage, sharp collection, sharp management, rigorous education, rigorous awards and rigorous rigorous rigor". The Deputy Provincial Province of Drug Dependency and Deputy Minister of Public Safety, Liu Haizhik, said that it is the first step towards opening and fighting the road.

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