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Han Han, in the championship of the car, will not lose the movie Han Han will be unlimited – News News News

Before the release of "Flying Life", many people found Han Han as fat. And "fat" Han Han himself said in the conversation. "Anyone started doing a lot of psychological constructions, so when you look forward to it, you will find it, it's not so fat."

The first film directed by 2014 has been Han Han's three-year tour of five years, and the first two box office's had $ 1,600 million. He finished the film's director's writing.

Some changes have been observed over the years. Han Han's weight grew from 58 kg to 66 infancy; Weibo's number 691 shows, most of them related to cinematography. Only he has been developing his team and then the Director. 9 years ago, Han Han said that young artists should not only be. Nowadays, it has the capacity to build a large ship and bring it to a greater river.

Nowadays Han Han has his own film company. In addition to the promotion of the film, he rarely appeared publicly, and his friend's review came to Han. In Han's view, these changes are not related to years, but their interest points have changed. He still gives special attention to new societies, but he speaks because he is not wise. He never considered taking on the external world, and even felt that he misunderstood the "compassionate" label.

There he entered the adult world.

1 Key Keywords Director

Investor's first pair, second hearing, third

Beijing News: The first two films feature racing items and "Flying Life", which will be released on New Year's Day, will deepen the issue of the car. Will he be familiar or stressful in writing the story of his life?

Han Han: the actual operation is quite difficult, but in China, I am the professional (that is). The first two is just a small background. I want to try. It's a story about "Flying Life". For example, "Winning the Waves" is the driving force behind. It is necessary to change a chess or swimmer. However, I am worried that there is no need to look at the picture. "A chess player and his father's reconciliation," then he'll shoot to go to play Go, 50 seconds before you can move on to the next circuit?

Beijing News: In Tebits, many actors show their actions and show a pole dance. Do you love director to act on stage?

Han Han: I did not get the pole dance before, so I gave an actress to make a demonstration. I do not think anyone has skipped. Just stupid and proven. After all, the human instinct is to see and raise an iron tube. I want to play, but I do not play well, the actors do not act according to my demo.

Beijing News: When you choose the actors eye, you are very special. Are these actors essentially yours?

Han Han: That must be. No one is represented for me to pick the actors, because there are a lot of stories, I will close my eyes and put my faces.

By reproduction, I sometimes detect actors, and I think two or three tweaks come to mind. Then I closed my eyes and placed the face of the actors. I can not go through the inner edge, although I can not pass it. It's not better at the box office.

Beijing News: "You will not have a future" shot, there have been several cross-border directors, but there is a section of shooting. The cross-border process seems to be very simple and very private. Hard work

Han Han: I think it's very important to find something for you. As your nature or gene is adequate, it's not lazy. Regular problems do less. It is a problem for many people to do things that are not for themselves. Therefore, if they try 10,000 times, they will gradually move away from their goal.

Regarding the effort, it is very important to know yourself. Some friends know a lot of people, but they do not know themselves. They do not know whether their identity and the control of the temple are controlled. As they go out of control and collapse, there are many efforts to waste. But I know better.

Beijing News: How do you admit that you are the best film?

Han Han: I started to learn basic photography from school. It's a part of myself. When you take a lot of movies, it will be a permanent process. You must have the correct director in the fixed process. More information you know acquainted with photography, light, sound, and special effects. It is advisable to make all services work. When writing scripts, you need to know what can and can not be done. The script must be written in the field of today's technology. If it is not possible, writing is useless.

Beijing News: If you increase the volumes of your volunteering or study the director's techniques as a type of study?

Han Han: I do not care if it is a learning process. This is the process of people's own pastime. I see movies I usually watch that the bad movie is off and I do not want to see it again. But when I see a good movie, I can not think of both brushes and three brushes. It is not necessary to know how the mirror is and how to position it. It does not matter, for example, when the scene is close to the scene, I do not see any difference, because its drama tension is already in existence. There are many directors in the scene. We saw the end result was that the whole movie was good, so we looked back and it seemed that everything was doing well. For example, if the manuscript is assigned, each word and phrase has been written.

But, basically, as a beginner who has entered the line, it's not about how to write this manuscript, how to start, how to finish it, but how did you learn how to learn this topic, the ability to monitor and select materials? It is necessary to learn.

Beijing News: This year's Lunar New Year is a tough competition. At the same time, there are films by Ning Hao and Xing Ye. What are your expectations and confidence in "Flying Life"?

Han Han: everybody is ahead. They are good directors. I'm very happy while struggling with them. I want to save money and save the book.

I think first of all that it is the protection of capital and the investors. The second one should be worth the audience, so we all believe that this film is really good. Third, I kept myself.

Beijing News: Put the Position at the End?

Han Han: I made so much money to make this movie, I deserve myself. I want to prepare a comedy in the races. No one dares to shoot at that girl, because the car's theme is not good and the box office is not good. All this film is my private asset, I can not take other private assets in the film.

Beijing News: "Auto Racing Champion" and "Boxing Champion" and Driver and Film Director, is your personal experience as absurd?

Han Han: has the "Champion of the Competition" categories. It is very difficult to get a championship at Spring Festival. He'll be very happy. Like competition, the competition levels will be different. If you are a champion and racing champion, I definitely chose the race for seven championships.

2 Creating keywords

I can not correctly write the office's intrigue.

Beijing News: Your three films are written by yourself and guided by you. Does the future work with other scriptwriters? Still interested in your story?

Han Han: I also want to work with other scriptwriters if they are good stories. But, in fact, I have not had many stories that I have just finished. Some directors are particularly good at making others' novels so they get a very high height on their shoulders. Everyone has a different personality. I want to shoot myself. Although the height is a little lower, my interests and happiness will be much higher.

News from Beijing: Do you write things you've personally experienced?

Han Han: I can not say that they have only one excel, I have never written anything they've ever experienced. Every good writer will make it very entertaining when he writes his experience. But if you change an unknown area, you can finish it, but you can not make your heart fool. This is essential.

Beijing News: You are a person who does not like socializing. But you have to manage the company now. Is it fun for you to be a leader?

Han Han: Actually, I'm not very good at managing and I do not feel happy. Fortunately, although the film company is successful in part of your work, it will be basically a cohesion force, like war, one step further. If the movie and TV companies do not work, the light management is good, there is no use, and everyone is well organized and can not shoot.

News of Beijing: Is there a desire for creation? For example, writing a field you do not know about a fictional or detective white man?

Han Han: I think, I can write it right. I have never been a policeman or astronaut, but I think I can write well in interesting things that young people were. I've read books and magazines alike and have also used my experiences. It's well written. But some of them can not be well-written, such as a collar lifestyle, office intrigue, because I did not go to work and I did not like it.

3 Change keywords

Only live your life from the beginning to the end

Beijing News: Look at "Xiao Shuo". Many people think it's smooth before. Have you noticed your changes?

Han Han: I'm talking slowly. In fact, because the throat pain is not cured for more than a month, I think it's the only reason to cough quickly or loudly and easily. If I raise my voice a little and say the same thing (There, there, suddenly, the tone rises), this person is feeling a little too, so it looks like this.

Beijing News: Many people do not expect to see your director or writer's face, but when it is revealed, you can take advantage of shortcomings. Do you feel the expectation of the outside world?

Han Han: I do not care. I am a man I debuted in the last century. It has been indifferent to the expectations of the outside world. I think what I want to do is irrelevant. I do not live in the life of my life for others.

Knowledge and ignorance are unnecessary. No such person is required at all times. Time can go down. It's my responsibility too. If you want to make a movie, the film's work will be very long. It will start preparing for more than a year in the first phase and later editing it. Writing a comment is not a program or an emotional one. For a long time, observing how to use this and other things around this topic, even if you can not get the first-hand information, the information is not good, and then you have to continue writing. You need to analyze how the situation develops. You can not infect it by some. This information is judged, this is very energetic and a lot of time. As I was shooting in the series, I still washed my phone and kept track of what happened, and was not responsible for the movie.

So, do it well, do it well, do not pause on two boats, do not try to fall into another area, after all, everything must be taken care of. Writing an article is the responsibility of the parties of the event and readers.

The news from Beijing: "Those who say Han Han is not angry now, Han Han is not there before" is not allowed?

Han Han: I feel very angry when I hear this. From the beginning to the end, I have only lived the life I love and love. Sometimes it's sad. Do you mind that person does not like it?

Beijing News: Did you expect to be there today at Han?

Han Han: 17 years of age does not have long-term living plans. But everyone's ideas are constantly changing. You can not tell that people who betray you are always moving forward. However, my hobbies are similar to today's, and I do not like to socialize, play and play. Although I want to play, I do not change the behavior patterns a lot.

4 Key words education

She does not intend to decide on her daughter

Beijing News: One day Xiaoy continues to grow and says: "Father, I do not want to go to college," will it help?

Han Han: If he likes a boy, even if he grows up, I used to joke that I want to investigate, although I do not like it, I will interrupt the legs of the boy. These are jokes. It's the most important thing. And I'll do something that he likes and decides. If things are not appropriate, I will advise you, but it will not interfere with its final decision, while it is illegal.

Beijing News: Do you think that reading a past university is good? After all, is this life a small deficiency?

There Han: of course, when I retired to high school, I was disgusted. It really was not in any way. Ono) if you want to go to university, or in art, film and design, everything is based on its interests. I can not decide which person to be, but I can monitor it. Interest in planting We build confidence and ability in this area early.

News in Beijing: Ono does not accept learning. One day, he told me: "Father, why other children should recite a lot of English words, when I did not like English in English, but I did not know when I was there, at least. I can also say a lot." What do you do? "

Han Han: interests are based on one point. If you have more than one level in your English, math or other subjects, you are prepared to talk about your interests. If you do not have this level, you are not talking about the interested party. Hobbies and hobbies must be distinguished between individual and laziness. Everyone loves games and puts on mobile phones in bed, but that's not interesting.

Beijing News: I think your values ​​are very positive. How could the young man be labeled "mischievous"?

Han Han: When I was young, it was not different from the current point of view. Tell me at age 20, and answer.

Beijing News: So you have misunderstood the "rebellion"?

Han Han: I think it's a misunderstanding.

Write / New Beijing News chief reporter Liu Wei

Photo of the characters / Beijing News reporter, Guo Yanbing

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