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Han Han is a replacement for "Flying Chi" and is shooting a car show –

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Li

Plateau Shooting, Clash Racing, Pole Dance Personal Exhibition … Han Han can describe his third film "Flying Life" as a solution. The film was held in Beijing in the afternoon, and the backdrop was premiered in production. Han Han could not look back: "A corner is a cliff and you have to prepare a rescue helicopter to stay in the stand". In the premiere, the voices of Axin's singer were amazed and Han Han was "Han Xin". The combination sings "Half Life". The film will officially be released on February 5.


Rescue helicopters stand on the edge of the storm

"Flying Life" tells Zhang Chi (Shen Teng), the air racer running the food stall, returning the car and challenging young talented Lin Yidong (Huang Jingyu). However, he has no money, no car, no team, no driver. Again looking at her, her face is constantly changing constantly …

The excessive ironing scene is a great attraction "Flying Life". Han Han hopes that it will be a scene like the World Rally Championship in the film. For this reason, the crew crossed the national landscape several months before, and finally found the track "Devil's Track" in the Xinjiang province. "Han Han" exceptionally rigorous racing car shooting: "The hearing can not be accepted to select professional problems." Likewise, the final presentation is also true: "This is the best, most complete and professional film in the Chinese rally today."

The image is stimulating and the risk is very high. "It's dangerous to shoot in car shots. Everyone does not have the bottom, after car, you can not guarantee what it will be." Han Han remembers the scene that fights in the car. "The conditions are very good when filming in Xinjiang". Hard, it takes 4 hours to film every day, and it's 4 hours. We also made safety measures and rented a rescue helicopter. "It is worth mentioning that in the car Han Han was also a substitute and had a lot of dangerous films.


Work with Shen Teng to know each other's humor

Film casting, many fans say that the role of "Zhang Chi" is in Shen Teng. Han Han is also full of Shen Teng's praise: "In addition to the talents of the special comedy, he can express a very deep emotion, he can completely fill this situation with the camera." Even if they had Secondary Collaboration, Han Han said that Hiteng did not say: "When we shot, we did not eliminate the sparks, but" fire. "They understood the humor of others."

Shen Teng could not help, but there he is playing "well": "The director really does. He likes his director's style to show himself. His performance is particularly strong, but his performance is a bit poorer. I stopped the demonstration, but I could not stop. When I had an opportunity, he climbed and considered. "Although he spoke and did not show mercy, Shen Teng said Han Han had" conquered ":" He Han Han temper very good I have solved the problem on its own. I have never seen the director, the word "happy production", they all say, but it is difficult to achieve, the director of Han Han. The hand, writer or director is the power of all the identities, with great wisdom a person ".

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