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He has directed the "Ye Wen" series "Zhang Tianzhi" – Zhang Jin, his, film, Tony, Tees – Wuhan Evening News


2018-12-19 17:46:32 Source: Wuhan Evening News

Zhang Jinlian chooses Chinese and foreign kung fu stars
It was finally "Zhang Tianzhi" from the "Ye Wen" series.

Wu Yin Wan Chuan: Zhang Tianzhi is the star of Yuan Wen Chuan: Zhang Tianzhi, Yuan Heping, Huang Baiming, Yan Zidan, Zhang Jin, Dave Batista, Yang Ziqiong, Tony Jia and other kung fu directors. It was released internationally on December 21. At 18, Wushang Moore was anticipated in the studio. Although the film was missing a leaf question by Donnie Yen, the frequency of Wing Chun was reduced to the smallest series, but Zhang Jin also received Yang Ziqiong and Dave. Batista, Tony Jia and many other kung fu stars and Chinese have enough content. Those who love Kung Fu are not disappointed.

As a new character in "Ip Man 3", Zhang Tianzhi, the master Hunchun, has left the impression of the fans. This time, in the role of "Ip Man Biography", directed by Yuan Heping, Zhang Jin is directed by Yuan Heping and tells the story of Zhang Tianzhi, besides the death of Ye Wen, after thinking about the life of ordinary people. However, the evil forces confused each other again. In the end, he had to recover his efforts and fight against evil forces.

Compared to the three orthodox works of the "Ye Wen" series, "Ip Man Biography" also includes patriotic elements in Chinese to fight outside humiliation. However, due to the lack of a critical character in the Ye Wen series, the plot has a little bit of a look. . In particular, the essence of Wing Chun's "Ye Wen" series is also used in film in the most frequent series. At the end of the film it is just the form of hidden movements, some fans of the series are somewhat disappointed.

However, this time, the film invited "the first military finger of the world" as director of Yuan Heping, so the action of the film is still guaranteed. Zhang Tianzhi and thugs murderers were arrested and upheld. Zhang Jin and Yang Ziqiong, two Chinese kung fu coasters, also featured part of the kungfu drama table through the promotion of the audience. Likewise, viewers feel the depth of the Chinese martial arts.

In addition, Zhang Jin played a leading role in the movie, Tony Jia's star action boxer, the star of the professional fighter, Dave Batista, the duration of the battle or the level of excitement. Concerning the question "Ip Man 3", Donnie Yen and Tyson's short-term play, with the hope of the "Ip Man" series, fans can also find their own movies. happy

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