Monday , May 29 2023

He has talked about the death of Cross Guitian, for example, the main comic book industry | Chang Guitian | Pass | Overview –


  1. Chang Guitian's death crossword speaker is the first in the comic book industry | Chang Guitian | Tickets | General Sina
  2. Cross-talk performance artist died in Chang Guitian for 11 months with the loss of six famous artists worldwide
  3. Chang Gomian, a Chinese comic actor, died as a result of the disease[图集] High-Dimensional Network of News
  4. Chang Guitian artist's exhibition died at the age of 76 | Chang Guitian | cross voice | death – News News News
  5. The comic was a great master! Crosstalk master Chang Guitian 76 mobile phone died Netease Net
  6. See the whole story of Google News
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