Wednesday , September 28 2022

Hefei region, Sichuan province, Chang's district, Xi & a. City, Shaanxi province, to detect China's state-of-the-art epidemic detection – News – IC Trade Global Starts Here –

Hejiang province, Sichuan province, Chang's district, Xiâ € ™ a city, Shaanxi province, China to detect the epidemic of African pig epidemic_World News

The Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs was released on December 5 and has found Hefei County, Cangzhou City, Sichuan Province and Chang's District, Xi? An City, Shaanxi Province, African Peruvian Epidemic. At 4:00 pm, on December 5, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs received the Center for Prevention and Control of Chinese Animal Diseases …

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