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Heilongjiang: special emphasis on national enterprise projects, poverty alleviation and civil defense of the air – Commission of the State Disciplinary Commission Inspection Committee – Hanfeng Network


2018-11-27 07:32:45 Source: Discipline Inspection, National Supervision and Reform Commission, General Committee

The Heilongjiang Province Board approved that the fourth round of inspections for the Provincial Councils was carried out in the fourth round of supervision of the State Property Administration and the provincial party committees of the Board of Directors and the committees of the fifteen member states of the province conducted regular inspections; 11 special inspections for regional poverty reduction; The civil defense defense system of the province made corruption to inspect and eliminate Provincial, local and regional inspections. A few days ago, 14 patrol groups from the Fourth Round of the Provincial Council included the first phase of 20 patrols and units.

The Provincial Inspection Team held a patrol mobilization meeting for each of the visited areas and units. Before the meeting, the Provincial Council audit team informed the supervisor area of ​​the inspected field of work or the main organizer of the unit. At the conference, the head of the board of inspectors of the Provincial Council held a report on the inspection report and asked to cooperate with the inspectorate. The provincial party inspection team members participated in the mobilization meetings and conferences. The party responsible for the party or unit of the Patrol party held a meeting and statement.

During the inspection, the provincial audit team approved letters, calls and visits in the area supervised and in the field of leadership of the Union and its partners, the main responsible for the next party and the main responsible for key positions. Other requests not included in the field of acceptance will be reflected and mention will be made of the areas or units supervised and the required departments.

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