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The "Red Devil" against the "Manchester United" match against the Totemham Hotspur in the Premier League will appear, and the outer world will consider the "battle of dialogue" between Pochettino and Solskjær.

Pochettino is the main candidate for top coaches at Manchester United. If he is the winner of Solskjær, he will be able to be a Manchester United coach the next season. (Photo: AFP)

(London, 12) At this time, the Premier League will focus on Manchester United's "Red Devils" at home against Tottenham Hotspur, and will be interviewed by Pochettino and Solskjær. The battle ".

A new goal from Manchester United against Manchester United

Solskjaer and Pochettino, the first Manchester United legendary star, are the coaches against shining coaches, the other is Manchester United's top-notch Premier League coaches and fans who are Manchester United vice president. Ward is the number one candidate for the new official coach mind.

Although Suo Shuai is a temporary coach, he will return to the Norwegian team after finishing the season, but after taking office, Manchester United won 5th and won the Manchester United fans confidence. That is why Suo Shuai now can be a positive hope at the end of the season, he said: "In May this year, I do not want to leave Manchester United!"

During the weekend, coaches from Manchester United will be the two buses for the next season at Wembley Stadium, while Manchester United will see Ferguson and Woodward win. Fans are called Red Devils by Suo Shuai and Bo Shuai. Direct conversation with a great name.

If Bo Shuai is the final winner, then Woodward's position will certainly be strengthened, and if Suo Shuai gains, the voice of the public opinion that will make it positive will come to a point, so Woodward will be the favorite, public attention must be taken.

Suo Shuai is invited to inspire Ferguson Red Devils

Solsklaer Ferguson invited coach coaches to fight against Manchester United against Tottenham Hotspur, motivate players, and coach Tottenham Pochettino after the ups and downs, he made Suo Shuai the right decision.

Manchester United will play a tough match with Tottenham in a weekend league, and this is a real test since it was the provisional coach of Soul Shuai. To motivate the players to make the best efforts to win, Suo Shuai invited Manchester United meritorary coach Ferguson Carrington to come up with a training base to motivate players to give a talk in the middle of the week.

In his speech, Ferguson said Manchester United have a great deal more players. The moral of the player has increased a lot. They want to win Sir Alex Ferguson's support and trust.

When Bo Shuai learned that his admired character sent a deliberately inspired speech by Ferguson to the Carrington training base, he said: "Solskaya did a wise move, I can not hide my admiration at Ferguson, it's me. The most admired is the best football soccer coach and football encyclopedia ".

What is 5 winners?
Suo Shuai meets the real test

In any case, compared to beautiful waves, the pressure of Suo Shuai is definitely higher, at least to guarantee that it does not lose the ball, to see a positive hope.

He is also a true match against Tottenham since coaching at Manchester United. The team scored 16 goals in the 5th and lost 3 goals to win the game, but the opponents are midfield and bottom goals, and Tottenham has proved his training ability to win at the weekend.

Since training at Manchester United, when he talked about the biggest test, Suo Shuai said: "You always have to adjust to the opponents, we are looking at one of the best league teams, we have to understand the advantages, it is our advantage, we must attack the opponent, but against Spurs We are going to get a lot of opportunities that we do not have before, so we have to take all the options ".

Manchester United must limit Kane Space

When he speaks of the wave of the wave of direction, So Shuai gave him a great deal of assessment. He said: "He has done a very good job, justifies the rumor (Manchester United wants to make matters worse), and finally his achievements are excellent."

Tottenham Front Kane won the last eight league match and now has scored 14 goals 21 times. The biggest threat against Manchester United is the shot at the Arsenal by Obamayan. Suo Shuai said Kane is one of the best centers in the world, if Manchester United wants to win, Kane should keep up and do not have too much space.

Sun Xingyu enchant the latest hot red

It's been Sun Xingyu in Tottenham. In the last six matches in Tottenham, South Korea has scored 7 goals and 5 support and can score an average of 40 minutes. Although the Asian Cup was inaugurated, he later returned to the Manchester United.

When Solskjeer wants to return to the end of the season, he needs to win Pochettino's "interview" rival. (Photo: Associated Press)

Bogba will return

After coaching Soul Shuai after Manchester United, Bogba, once he was substituted for Mourinho coach, made a great appearance. He scored 4 goals and gave 3 support in almost 4 league matches. Previously, Bogba was injured and, therefore, two days later he trained with Dubaire, but Suo Shuai said that his wounds had been recovered and that he would definitely be in the current round.

Nowadays, Manchester United is the biggest defensive defense missing, this Bailey Cup will be banned according to the red card, due to Smolin and Rojo injury, which is even more serious injury to return to Argentina. In such situations, only Manchester United left Phil Jones and Linderhof, and Tottenham is the most disadvantaged.

For this reason, Manchester United will be able to abandon the defensive attack and get the most powerful army. In addition to Bogba, the other Manchester United coaches also performed brilliantly. Rushford scored 3 goals in almost 5 points, and Lingard scored 2 goals and 2 support and Martial and Lukaku scored 8 goals. The most successful players.

If Suo Shuai has won this turn, former Manchester United coach will have a Busby record and Manchester United will become the second coach in the first five rounds of the league.

Wave beautiful classic for the face of an unforgettable baby face killer

When Bo Shuai talked about Manchester United, Suo Shuai also sent her hat. In 1999, he encouraged coaches of the Champions League semifinals to kill Manchester United. He said: "I was the sun, the goal of Sol Scria was unbelievable, and we all overcame. Manchester United's momentum is strong, I think it's a very high weekend, the game will be very difficult."

Compared to Manchester United, Tottenham's physical strength is getting worse, with Chelsea competing in the first round of the England Cup semi-final in the middle of the week and finally winning 1-0. Bo Shuai said: "Manchester United needs more time to prepare for the competition, we have participated in the cup and the physical condition of the players is disadvantageous, but we have maintained a good situation to show the best performance in the weekend."

A wounded road, no one can prevent it

Tottenham has now achieved 6 places in Liverpool, so if they want to keep their title, they must score 3 points. Otherwise, Liverpool will exclude.

Manchester United is with 6 points in Chelsea, fourth place at the top end of the season. This cup also needs to be won.

Manchester United defeated Tottenham in the first half with a 0-3 victory and in the last six periods Tottenham could not win 3 goals and 3 loses. In addition, Red Devils won the first six teams against the first five teams of the season, winning 2 draws and 3 losses. It is psychologically disadvantageous.

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