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Huang Zikai's new song leaked and crashed and cried, May Day Axin helped save fire | Huang Zikai | New Song | Axin_Sina


The new song Huang Zikai leaked and cried, and Mayday Axin contributed to the fire.The new song Huang Zikai leaked and cried, and Mayday Axin contributed to the fire.

Huang Zikai's letter to Ashin thanked himHuang Zikai's letter to Ashin thanked him

According to the media in Taiwan, it is a long time for Huang Zikai's personal album to be released at the end of the year. Recently, because of the song's copyright issue, "You Want Wind" can not be accessed on the album, it crashes and cries several times and it stays in the heart. Miss again Early in the morning, he announced a good news on Facebook, an angel musician gave 7 hours to deliver it. "Aside from receiving, I still move. How can I pay?"

On the third day, the incidents came on the third day, and his po film did not show any incident. Chen Jianning and Huang Yunling also sent friends to their private message, thanking Meng Ruru for his girlfriend. In a private message to help me, he said: "It's a feeling of fate, one of them opened a case. I invited the musician's song, WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, etc. MSN gave me (song)." Unfortunately, the last album it was not recorded. This time, I want to cooperate. Huang Zikai said: "I was shocked and excited, and I kept tears in the back."

The other work took 7 hours. He spent two hours writing letters. It is hoped that the studio will enter tonight to fill 10 songs. Now, the media said Mayday Ashin's other party and Huang Zikai announced the identity of the other party earlier. "Thank you to the Mayday group, thank you, Professor Ashin. This is due to life. I do not have to cry all the time. Over the past two days I'm crying. I want things to go without problems." He was surprised when Huang Zikai apologized, he said he does not care. "It's time to talk all the time."

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