Monday , May 10 2021

"I am a singer" in the first stage ranking exposure Liu Huan first Wu Qingfeng second – worry-free information

Liu Huan

Netease Entertainment reported on January 12 of

On January 11th, in the afternoon, in 2019 a musical variety "I'm a Singer" was launched. The results of the current competition were: Liu Huan first, Wu Qingfeng second, Qi Yu third, Kristian Kostov fourth, Yang Kun, Zhang Xin, escaped the results of the "empty" result of the plan, resulting in disappointing results in singer Five, Six and Seven.

On the same day, seven singers sang: Liu Huan, "Night", Wu Qingfeng, "Bird's Nest", Qiyu "Favorite", Kristian Kostov "Beautiful Mess", Zhang Xin "Khan Mountain", "10,000 escapes plan "Minor Sadness and Yang Kun," I'm lonely ever ". Among these, the next three results classification will be announced in the next issue.

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