Wednesday , January 20 2021

I asked him how to get caught with Zhao Liying, he said only 8 words. User: Real-minded information

According to pregnant Zhao Liying, the new husband and wife Feng Shaofeng needs to be cared for, but not busy!

"It's getting green, red and thin," Feng Shaofeng said, "It's very dedicated to promoting publicity around the country."

After the official wedding, the official announcement of pregnancy, Feng Shaofeng, is not in any way looking for the problem of Zhao Liying.

No, these two days, when asked in an interview with Feng Shaofeng, Zhao Liying was pursuing.

This question is very good. If you respond to your heart, you can do "Art Life".

Feng Shaofeng deserves old river and lake. Faced with a sharp and sharp problem, his performance is very generous. Regarding the content of the response … it is not as long as expected.

In the first part, we must talk about the line of emotion between Ming Lan and Gu Er, due to the play that Gu Errek creates with Ming Lan, preventing Ming Lan from shameless and embarrassed. It's a good idea to put on a beautiful woman's purse.

Then we are very curious, in real life, like Feng Shaofeng Zhao Liying?

I thought Feng Shu would respond to dizziness. As a result, he said he was in danger and said: No, I did not take him to her. By the way, I added: I did not bullied.

Emmmm … is becoming more and more curious, how is it finally caught? After all, Zhao Liying is also a generation of traffic flats, and it's only a career-rise, a wedding is a single baby and very fast!

Feng Shaofeng only said two points: eight words summarize it: long-term love, follow-up.

Hahahaha, his story, I want to leave the cinema to imagine, the real original life is stronger than playing Feng Shaofeng!

Netizens reads 8 words, but it does not matter: the truth!

That is precisely what. It was not said before, said Feng Shaofeng's comment on Zhao Liying's mobile phone was just one word:

Another year, Feng Shaofeng and Zhao Liying were eaten hot. At that time, Zhao Liying was pregnant.

Later, the bill came out. The heat exchanger has chosen health components. They ate four people and another ordered mineral water. Many farmers said that Feng Shaofeng was very sweet. It can be seen at Zhao Liying. Full attention

Emmmm … It seems like this is about to be a hundred years now!

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