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"Implementation of three rural rural areas": a rural recovery campaign | Han Changfu | Village | Sannong _ Sina News

Original title: "agriculture, rural areas and peasants" hard work

It has proposed strengthening the political orientation of priority development in agriculture and rural areas to establish a political orientation in the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, in order to ensure the stability of the basic record of "agriculture, rural areas and peasants", and to implement hard-working agriculture, rural areas and peasants. How to stabilize this new record in the new year? Which aspects will break agricultural and rural work? Han Changfu, Director of Agricultural Agencies' Office and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, accepted an interview with the economic newspaper.

Han Changfu believes that agriculture and rural areas must be adapted to general priority development priorities in order to achieve the main goal of agriculture and rural modernization, as a global focal point for the implementation of agriculture revitalization, poverty alleviation, improved agricultural product development, food stabilization and the development of agricultural products. We will continue to increase agricultural income, improve rural human settlements, deepen rural reform, strengthen rural civilization, improve rural government systems, and ensure new progress in rural dynamics.

The agrarian and rural sector will focus on key issues for the next year and focus on three main areas of priority issues: poverty alleviation can not be delayed, it can win an unprecedented battle, food production can not be reduced, grain and output should be stabilized . Environmental corrections need to ensure a great deal of progress from one point to another, and the problem of "big beers" must be thoroughly cleaned and preventing and controlling African pigs should not be ignored. Thanks to this base, we will work on agriculture, rural construction and rural reforms.

Promote high quality agricultural development

Han Changfu proposed the "Central Economic Conference" "consolidation, improvement, promotion and smooth flow" of eight character policies. In the agricultural sector, it is necessary to deepen the structural reform of agricultural supply. On the one hand, to optimize the planting structure, to improve the nutritional adjustment results, to reduce the quality of low-quality and low-yield rice, to establish a soybean revival plan, to extend the soy plantation area in the northeast and Huanghuaihai area, to support rapeseed production in the Yangtze River basin and regulate reasonable feed grain . "Quality forage production of a strong structure. In addition, we will promote livestock production to improve quality and efficiency, optimize the design of the pig industry and optimize the livestock capacity to continue the standardization of breeding livestock and breeding to increase the reproductive scale, revitalize dairy products and consolidate the dairy sources.

Han Changfu, in the last two years, has given the Green Agricultural Development "Five Actions", which has achieved remarkable results. In 2019, the regional manure management project will be launched to obtain the full coverage of major livestock regions. Large-scale farms treatment plants will reach 100% and promote small and medium-sized farms and exclusive houses at the same time. It is necessary to reduce pesticides and fertilizers, and fertilize organic fertilizers of fruit and plants must be approved instead of chemical fertilizers from 175 countries, to consolidate residual waste and chemical fertilizers and pesticides as a result of the collection of chemical fertilizers and waste pesticides.

Currently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has implemented technical assistance in the field of rural dynamism, essential core technological research and acceleration of the generation and application of equipment. "In 2019, the development of more than 10 innovation unification will be promoted and 1 and 2 innovation centers will be built. The implementation of the most important synergies promoting agricultural technologies will be set up to create science and technology support industries to strengthen crop genetic resources and genetic livelihoods. , the construction of seed farms, the investigation of four main food crops and 11 varieties of special crops and the revitalization of animal and poultry breeding industries. " Han Changfu said.

Open a new situation in rural recovery

Han Changfu said that today's urban-rural area is high, and the most intuitive is the great gap between public facilities and public services, the hardest part of most farmers. Rural areas must be used to complete the construction of infrastructure and carry out projects for the construction of the town's infrastructure. Important groups will consolidate and improve rural water security, promote "four good" roads, upgrade logistic rural logistics infrastructures, accelerate the transformation of electric grids and broadband networks, and promote urban infrastructure in rural areas. Improvement of the level of social security and pensions services and improvement of rural social security standards by institutional integration. Increase investment of public basic services of peoples and peoples.

"The rural revival demands the adaptation and construction of souls". Han Changfu will present the guide documents to promote the construction of civilized civilizations in 2019 and create civilized peoples and peoples, and fulfill the role of local norms and functions. Joint measures, encourage change of habits, establish effective stereotypes and establish a new style of rural civilization. At the same time, they continue to run the Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival.

Han Changfu said agriculture and rural departments will actively organize their farm construction with the departments of the organization, and two strong committees will be elected as the outstanding Cadres secretary of poor towns, weak nations and rural people. We will continue to direct the organization of weakened and dispersed people as a way of directing the people as a unit and a single country and a policy, and the rural aspect will become a strong leadership and strong battle stronghold. We will promote the development of guarantee policies of local operations of the organization, based on tax investment and the role of citizens' organizational service.

Raises the vitality of rural development

"The 40th anniversary of the 40th anniversary of reform and wealth is the 40th anniversary. Rural reforms 40 years later, 40 years later, the reforms began again. We must push the reform of the Earth system and we must push a new rural reform challenge."

It is necessary to verify the compilation of collective assets by production and production. According to central government requirements, to verify and verify collective assets, they must be completed by the end of 2019. It is the most basic reform of the system of collective land rights rights. It is necessary to increase the protection of human resources and material resources, to carry out rigorously implementing policies, to ensure that they end in time and to recognize farmers, leaving hidden risks. The following year, we chose 10 provinces and 30 cities, and the pilot reform reform system will be promoted. There is a good job of registering and registering for the new collective economic associations.

We must encourage reform of rural housing sites wisely. The reform of the rural farm system needs to be kept in the interests of the farmer and the bottom line. It is necessary to focus on the "differentiation of the three powers" of the farmhouse, to expand the pilot reform, to enrich the pilot content and to efficiently use it properly to exploit the farmer's house. In addition to rural tourism development, it is also possible to revitalize the rural areas and start up a business, revive the use of idle farms and farms, and increase farm income. Next year, we will be working on political documents immediately to manage land management and local government management. At the same time, conduct surveys of farmhouses and country houses and find out the basic situation of the national farm. Making efforts to register and verify the right to use at home and home for 2020.

It is necessary to work on some types of business entities, family farms and farmers' cooperatives. Establish a family farm guidance service, start up a family breeding program and create a demonstration. Promote the standardization of cooperatives, deepen the construction of institutional models and "clean cooperative co-operatives". Promote the coordinated development of small agricultural enterprises and small farmers. Small farmers have been the cornerstone of agricultural production for a long time in China, and they do not have to forget about their work. It is necessary to accelerate the development of productive industries, which includes small farmers in the modern industrial chain of agriculture and the value chain. At the same time, leading companies and cooperatives and peasants will be driven to build a profit-sharing mechanism based on equity, to promote land management rights to participate in agricultural industrialization operations, to share farmers' added value revenues.

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