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In 2018, the value of all imports and exports exceeded 30 billion Yuan. China's foreign trade re-guided the world –

In 2018 the total value of imports and exports exceeded 30 billion yuan

China's foreign trade leads to the world again (Rui Caijing)

On January 14, Li Kuiwen, Spokesman of the General Customs Office, said China was a stable and stable foreign trade in 2018, with an import and export scale of over 30 trillion yuan. Continue to maintain the largest country of goods trade. In 2019, China is expected to stabilize the development of foreign trade and to improve quality and efficiency.

There are 470,000 companies with import and export performance

According to the data published by the General Administration of Customs, on January 14, China's foreign trade import and export value was 2018, 30.51 trillion yuan, up 9.7% until 2017. Among these, exports reached 16.42 trillion yuan, grew 7.1% and 14.09 trillion yuan, 12.9%, trade surplus 2.33 trillion yuan, 18.3%.

"In 2018, China's foreign trade reached a steady growth and led to a new historical point of import and export, as well as improvement in quality and efficiency," explains Li Kuiwen.

Specifically, last year's outsourced business development shone through five.

The business environment is "good". Last year, China imposed a series of measures and policies to reduce and reduce taxes and optimize the port's commercial environment, and the level of ease of trade eased considerably. According to the "Business and Environmental Report 2019" of the World Bank, China's global business environment has risen to 32.

Foreign trade companies are "more". In 2018, the profitability of imports and exports amounted to € 436,000 from 2017 to 470,000 and the intensity of the market players increased.

Trading partners are "broad". In 2018, China's foreign trade market diversification has made positive progress. The growth rate of imports and exports in China is 3.6, 6.7, and 6 points higher in the "Ring and Road" countries, Africa and Latin America, respectively.

The moment of growth is "strong". According to Customs estimates, the Chinese import quantity index is 106.4 and the export quantity index is 103.6. The contribution of imports and exports amounted to more than 50% and the export strength of foreign trade and export growth is strong.

Quality and efficiency are "excellent". A more balanced balanced import and export, regional coordinated development and optimized product structure are highlighted. From the product standpoint, exports of high value-added products, mechanical and electrical products and equipment manufacturing continue to grow, such as metal processing machines increased by 19.2%, mobile phones increased by 9.8% and cars rose by 8.3% In addition, important parts of equipment and high quality consumer goods and components have also been imported. It maintains a rapid growth, such as the growth of integrated circuits, 16.9%, and Consumer Goods grew 10.9%. Water and sea products accounted for 39.9%.

Private companies help more than 50% in foreign trade

Foreign trade growth and the contribution of private companies can not be ignored. Li Kuiwen entered 2018, with 372,000 Chinese private companies, and grew 10.7% in 2017. They imported and exported more private companies. In terms of this scale, the contribution of private companies was China's foreign trade growth over the last year, more than 50%, and its impact on foreign trade development.

According to data from the General Administration of Customs, 2016 imports and exports of Chinese private enterprises amounted to 12.1 trillion Yuan, 12.9% grew, 39.7% of China's import and export value, 1.1 percentage points higher than 2017. Of these, it was an export of 7.87 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.4%, 48.6% of total export value, a rise that rose to 1.4 percentage points and maintained the highest export exports; 4.23 trillion yuan imports grew 18.1%.

Regarding the distribution of districts, private companies have achieved a level of development. In 2018, the growth of imports and exports of private companies in central, western and northeastern countries was 20.3%, 18.9% and 16.7% respectively, which is greater than 12.1% in the east, with a trend of development and two digit growth.

Li Kuiwen said with the help of private companies that customs had taken some safe measures: First, the guarantee rate insurance pilot was launched. Promote innovation in small and medium-sized businesses and exempt import taxes on importation of scientific and technological development and technological products for public services demo platforms for SMEs. The second is to "reform many reports and oneness". In the third, private companies offer "departures". At present, Customs Canada recognizes the mutual recognition of "certification operator" (AEO) in 36 countries and regions, and allowing private companies to enjoy the comfort measures they provide for local customs.

This year's foreign trade development is expected to stabilize

What are the hidden concerns in the foreign trade of 2019? China how to import and export trend?

Li Kuiwen believes that the worst concern about the development of foreign trade in China in 2019 is that it is a complex and serious external environment, with uncertainties and uncertainties. In some countries, protectionism and unilateralism are increasing, slowing the growth of the world economy and dragging investment and cross-border trade.

"In general, the long-term development of the stable and stable evolution of the Chinese economy has not changed, the central government has successfully adopted foreign investment stabilization measures, which is gradually emerging this year with a strong foreign trade development policy. They are serious, inert and unstable factors, and objective factors, such as the increase in base, can increase the growth rate of foreign trade, "said Li Kuiwen.

The Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan said this year, in view of the complex and changing international environments, the commitment to commerce is to commit to the country's action plan and promote trade "stability and quality improvement". First of all, we will promote "five optimizations". Optimization of the international market design, internal design, product structure, business organizations and commercial methods. Secondly, promote a good job of "three builds", upgrade to a commercial transformation and basic version, to build international marketing services networks and promote commercial marketing platforms such as external brand exhibitions. The third service is the development of a commercial service, the promotion of 29 experiences in the development and innovation of new services and the basis for exporting services to services, such as digital services and Chinese medicine, to improve service trade development.

"We believe China's foreign trade development is expected to stabilize and improve quality and efficiency this year with the further expansion of China's openness and supply reforms," ​​said Li Kuiwen.

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