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In the first round of the FA Cup, Guo made it strong in deciding the champion trend _ Luneng


Original title: Final Football Federation National. To begin the first rounds of deciding the first champion in Guo

Tonight, the first part of the FA Cup final will be working. Domestic security at home will have the biggest challenge Luneng challenge. Both teams met in the FA Cup several times and in 1996 Guoan was Rick Luneng for the first time in the history of the FA Cup trophy team. Although the first and last civil servants seem to be against the national security, the results of the home match against Luneng in the last five years are not very good, but domestic security is not an opportunity to win the opponent, the FA Cup Guoanzheng was the same in two previous rounds, Shanghai and R & F went ahead and got to the semifinals.

Schmidt and Li Xiaopeng, both of the coaches of the two groups, have no secret among themselves. This game will win this year to determine the main trends in the FA Cup.

Luneng is called "Lord Bitter"

Among the strong teams of both teams, each game between Guoan and Luneng can create a theme. Historical data Guoan against the Luneng Super League against 8 wins, 10 draws and 12 losses is disadvantageous. Although at home, Guoan is difficult to take advantage of. In the last five seasons, the league home record, for example, Guoan has not won Lunengen in the 2015 season, but the other four did not win an opponent at home. The Ping 2 record is not so difficult.

The match between both sides continues with the FA Cup, up to now 2 winners and 1 draw. However, in the final phase, both teams had the only direct competition. In 1996, Guan defeated Luneng for the first time in a 4-1 FA Cup. It is more interesting that Guoan entered the FA Cup three times and eventually won the match. How much confidence does Guoan have in Luneng's encounter? In this regard, Schmidt said: "When this game happened, the players need no mobilization, the team goes to the championship, everyone wants to win".

However, the dominant performance of the last five years Luneng also gave him some psychological advantages. Li Xiaopengen's trust is very good. Li Xiaopeng responded "very much" to the current situation of this group: "This season's training is very good, players are working hard and we hope that Guoan will be a great game at the end of the season." Previously, Luneng won the FA Cup three times in 1995, 1999, 2004, 2006 and 2014. Li Xiaopeng did not want to make the most of this, and said: "It's a game of two games, but it's a must for every minute, do not worry about our expectations at home because the road is a decisive fight."

First, the latter, national security, may not suffer

Over the last few years, Guoan's FA Cup has been almost "the first" in a tidy stroll through this season. However, it is hungry that Guo won the last two rounds against Guangzhou R & F and Shanghai Shanghai. The group seems to fit into the system. Schmidt also said: "Two rounds of two games, as we have seen before, say that the rhythm of the first and last passenger is very popular, we will be the best to win these two games."

Captain Yu Dabao also said that the major player did not have an important final result, the team scored the best situation, and the two rounds of the competition had a certain contingency. Everyone must be greeted. Preparation of all difficulties. "Now everyone's desires are very strong and they will definitely go out. The competition between the first and last clients will be more ill and the game is a great opportunity. First of all, we have to play at home." He said.

Recalling two previous rounds, Guaro won home and eliminated his opponent's promotion. That's why the first return result Guoan is very crucial. Although the score is not won, the opponent can not get it next weekend. Competitive creation of the second period of competition.

The "best coach" continues

Guoan and Luneng, there is no secret among them. The two competitions in this season have also tried on both sides coaches. In the Super League awards ceremony, Li Zhipeng, winner of the "Best Trainer", will play for the FA Cup final plus. The competition between both sides will be the "best coach".

So Schmidt has investigated this opponent? Schmidt replied: "The Luneng play is pretty easy, they are very popular, they will have many long corridors, as Pellet Bridge and other players take a second point, we must also take technical and tactical qualities of the crime to maintain fluidity ".

For Li Xiaopeng, the national war can not be measured according to the past record. Previously, he always remembered the reputation of his opponent: "He played very well this year, especially since the end of the offensive is very good. The best of the champions can be said, but this time the performance of our team is not bad, it usually plays. ".

In two battles, national security for home game recovery may need to take advantage of more opponents, and Schmidt's bright sword. Text / reporter Zhang Kunlong

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