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In the middle of the night, parts were blocked outside the community. Express courier crying: Money laundering morning in the morning – Community owner of the Community of Goro Community residents Courier company-Social News-Dongfang


Original title: in the middle of the night, the party was the blockade of the community. The sibling wept: money was removed in the morning.


In the middle of the night, the pieces sent out of the community stopped and shouted.


The young brother will explain "an extra hour" at night: the cabinet has no cabin empty during the day, and the back office will be removed in the morning.

"I complete the task of completing the" Eleven Eleven "assignments, I do not have day and night jobs, extra hours, people and assets are in the community portal, but real estate are locked, I expect that it is more understandable and tolerant."

In the morning, morning, morning, he called the messenger's brother, Wuhan Evening News, a hotline, almost screaming: next to the Sanli community of neighbors at Guobo Avenue in Hanyang District, messaging would not be accepted at 10:00 AM and delivery could not be completed.


Locked in the middle of night


Expect express express courier to expect "extra hours"

Courier Xiaolu has said that at 22:00 a.m., at 11:00 a.m., he has provided hundreds of messages and is ready to enter the usual way of delivery in Sanli. "There are not many wardrobes in this region, it is shared by 8 messaging companies, there is no wardrobe on the daytime so that they can see night-needles …" Luo Shifu said that he stopped at the gates in the community. Security officers said they had recently innovated in the community. At 10 o'clock in the morning, the message could not be entered. He is very worried: all of these messaging are behind the scenes. In the morning, the company will take off the money. It's the same day and almost tears.

Both parties lasted more than an hour. The police warned the police, but the negotiations were unsuccessful. Luo had to move it to other communities.

Master Luo is 32 years old this year. In his hometown Xiaogan sends Hanyang expressly for seven or eight years. Every month mortgages and baby poisons are sent by Luo.

At the age of 23, when the Reporter contacted Master Luo, he was amazed and started reaping in the warehouse.

"It is not by any means too much, they must be denounced!" After delivering the delivery deadline in the Sanli headquarters, he only received delivery from other communities until 5:00 a.m., 2 hours to sleep again and again. pick up

Master Luo informed the reporter that, as of January 13, the amounts sent in the file have risen. These days, it must send 800 and 1000 pieces per day. After a month he has lost more than ten kilograms. In exchange, while talking about experience in the residential area of ​​Sanli, Master Luo reflected on it several times, and spent hours during the extra hours, expressly delivering it. How do you understand and do not understand?


Property description "thank you tonight"


The owner denounced "messaging people to interfere with"

On 23rd, the director of the community of Sanli, Deng, told Wuhan Evening News that his goods expressed deep sympathy to the messenger's brother's encounter. He said that he was not sending the messenger to the community from ten in the afternoon. Apart from the difficulty of controlling the safety of fish and dredgers, complaints from the three or four community owners, which reflect "people's delivery".

It has confirmed that there are more than 1,800 homes in the community, with only 400 important cabinets, which is not enough. It is noteworthy that, last time, those who wear clothes reflect night-time men at court, so that cash machines can work at night with a lot of noise and noise. The "Eleven Nine", due to its unique nature, also sought to persuade the owners, but they owned property owners.

Deng Director believes that if the delivery entity has a high amount of delivery, it should be contracted more, and the courier company may reasonably have time to organize and avoid the rest of the owner's part.


Some owners expressed their understanding


The District Housing Authority will coordinate it

During the interview, most of the owners delivered an express letter to deliver the impetus of their friends.

"The brother messenger is not delivered this way every day. Each year, they are very hard. Both tolerant …" In the interview, Mr. Jiang, the community of owners, said.

"This is a special case and must be properly addressed and not prohibited." Mr Yang also has the need for original owners. If the community has a significant cabinet, it will be able to determine a few collections of property or build specific cabinets and coordinate a small brother about three chapters to reduce noise and stir up people.

According to Deputy Director of the Hanyang District Housing Management Directorate for the Directorate General of Housing Management, the property owners and owners of the negotiation and the management community were granted permission, there is no problem with the "Access Agreement" access control rules.

However, from a fair point of view, Di Kechang has stated that the messenger's brother brings comfort to the citizen, how to coordinate the relationship between the rights of the owner and the messenger shipment. It seems to be necessary to negotiate in a proper way, and it would not have a conflict between both sides.

According to Deco, the research will coordinate this issue and will safeguard the interests of both parties and the parties will have the opportunity to satisfy both sides.

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