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Initial reading | Red rice Note7 assessment / Lei Jun diss friends PPT mobile phone – origin – public Sina test

Initial reading | Red Rice Note7 Evaluation / Lei Jun diss friends PPT mobile phone

Sina public testSina public test

2019-01-11 07:30

Read the talk about what worries most today.

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1, Red wine to evaluate the experience of Redmi Note7 for 999 yuan for the sale of 18 months official warranty

Xiaomi Company's most important inaugural opening is an independent brand Redmi. Redmi Redmi also released the first mobile phone, after the position, the bottom end positioning, the best cost performance and quality. It's not a nonsense, look at this phone! Get red rice Note 7 box, the first thing you'll see is the "18 Month Warranty" icon in the upper left corner, as well as Red Rice Note 7 based on the National Three Guarantees Guarantee 12 month warranty. To cover the official warranty of 6 months, also at the center of the general user, is the point of sale. Open the box and see the Red Rice Note 7 real machine. Front of red rice Note 7 6.3 inch 2.5D drop of water is full and the chin is quite large. Red Wine Note 7 back also 2.5D glass, the initial official has three colors, respectively, Twilight Gold, Fantasy Blue Gradient, and non-gradient bright black, 6GB + 64GB fantasy blue gradient version. Red Rice Note 7 recognizes the back finger and lets you unlock the face lens face. The price is worth the price, the Type-C interface used at the bottom of the Red Rice Note 7, which should be quite unusual. Red Rice Note 7 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, the highest frequency reaches 2.2GHz. Ann Bunny runs 142,750 points, a little lower than 167,000 points, which is Xiaomi 8SE Qualcomm Xiaolong 710. Red Rice Note 7 Geekbench running 4 points, with 1624 single points, 5506 multiples. Performance can stand today in the millions of machines machine market. OK "King of Glory" and "Surge Survive: Battlefield Stimulating" is the measure of performance. "King of Glory" can stabilize 60 frames, and it will be the phenomenon of a team battle frame frame, but it is not obvious. "Jesus' survival: Battlefield Stimulation" can also be done under high definition image quality, that is, a tight focus on a fast-paced phenomenon. For the camera, Note The 7-camera rear camera is a 48-meter camera with a 1-inch light detector. With a four-pixel technology, 12 million photos are extracted with 1.6 μm pixels. Currently there are not many cameras in the market of 48 million pixels. If you use this camera in low-end models, it would be a bold attempt.

How about it? Smell it?

2, News say Apple iPhone XR, XS and other price cuts: highest straight down to 450 yuan

It has been reported that many users complain that the new iPhone is very expensive, damaged sales. The Greater China region is the worst. If Apple wants to change sales, then it must act. According to Daily Economic News, Huaqiang North channel dealers received price adjustment information in the US, cutting prices for iPhone XR, iPhone8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and other products. As mentioned earlier, Apple released the new iPhone XR the highest price for last year and the price of the channel fell by 450 yuan. The current price is 5250 yuan. According to the previous report, Apple's latest headquarters are still impossible to confirm, in this case, the iPhone 8 series should be cheaper and sales will continue to grow.

What is the price of XR iPhone for everyone?

3, Vivo community popped out the internal e-mail, the next generation APEX code drop

A newly released news blog will be released and it is alive to release a new mobile phone. We have never seen a design, even when using the first mobile phone design. No, the live community burst an e-mail message, and the official announced the existence of a new generation of mobile phones. From leaked email attachments, we have adapted renderings that are not seen in the morning glossed silver shells. Official renderings are black in color, very delicate lighting, such as jade. It is dark and elegant, delicate and without loss of texture. If you look at the information on the morning map, the back cover is made of a single piece of metal and is now like a general material of the fuselage, or a very complex process and a ceramic material that is difficult to control. Or, in the morning, it's not colored, just a polished white line, and now it's an outsider that is processed and colored? There is currently no more information about your mobile phone. Knowing that the name of the code is "downhill" and taking on an unprecedented design, there are only other official HD documents, if you make a real machine. People are moving forward. Do you want more information about this phone at the end? How many frightening black technologies can they store in the latest APEX production version?

What do you think about two years alive?

4, Motorcycle P40 / Z4 Play shell rendering with exposure: the first one uses a drilled screen

Motorola's Moto Z4 Play and Moto P40 races are visible online, and the rendering of mobile phone design matches the previous rumors. The phone's rendering of Moto Z4 shows behind the cut-off, adjusting the camera's rear camera module module and rendering it with a double rear camera camera, but the latest rumors show the rear of the aircraft with only one shot. The rendering also indicates the volume button and the right button of the phone, a 3.5mm headphone, microphone and USB port type C at the bottom. The rendering of Motorola Moto P40 gradually confirms rumors in the upper left corner of the helmet protection. The aircraft will have two rear cameras on the top left corner of the phone's back panel with two rear cameras. There is a dual LED below. Additionally, the machine is the right power and volume buttons, with a USB port type, speaker and microphone on the lower part, and has a 3.5 mm headphone connector at the top. Moto Z4 Play will work with blue screen design. Like the previous Moto Z device, it has a POGO PIN to connect the phone's back panel to Moto POs. The Moto P40 screen features a 12-megapixel pre-fabricated camcorder design. The previous rumor stated that the machine will use the Opteron 675 processor and a 6.2-inch HD resolution screen, with 6GB of memory and 64GB or 128GB of storage. The rear dual camera is a 48-megapixel main sensor and a 5-megapixel auxiliary sensor, 4132 mAh batteries and pre-installed Android 9 Pieces in the World Mobile World Congress next month.

What do you think of the motorcycle brand?

5 There are structural problems. Samsung Folding Mobile Phone CES is a limited screen

Although this year's CES 2019 mobile phones are not new, the phone still has a lot of mobile phones. Samsung's folding mobile phone is definitely one of them. However, this mobile phone will not appear publicly, and Samsung will only be closed to customers. South Korea's media said Samsung's public non-publicity is that folding mobile phones continue to be structural problems and not publicly employed at the consumer level. According to Samsung executives, the folding screen phone is not fully spread. When your smartphone tries to fold completely 180 degrees, it may disconnect some parts of the phone. For this reason, the current display machine will create it as a sudden folding device, as is clearly not visible. Samsung has submitted a problem to debugging mobile folding phones in the production department and can be solved in the latest version of the production. Samsung has a very limited mobile phone outlet in the first half of 2019, but the mobile phone's output is very limited. The Korean media predicted that Samsung will only generate 1 million units, which means that supplies are very close. Lower production and high positioning machines are very expensive prices. The price may be over $ 1,350 more than the current Apple device. Samsung mobile phone optimization is still improving and the release of machine time can not be confirmed.

Do you think the machine will be released this year?

6, Release of the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro color

The color red color Mate 20 Pro is similar to the previous one and the same color, they are a red theme and they fill the inner and outer body color. At the same time, Huawei Mate 20 Pro 馥 红 verme also takes a pink color that symbolizes feminine romance and confidence. Gradual designs add a unique flavor to the whole machine.

Look good

7 Samsung Galaxy New Sport body with high-performance body performance: looks simpler

A few weeks ago, according to a report, Samsung has launched a new device that uses a convenient portable device, but the device uses Galaxy name rather than sticking with Gear. The new Samsung Galaxy Sport will be followed by a newly released Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch. The new Samsung Galaxy Sport code is "Pulse" and it breaks Steve H.'s news. (aka @OnLeaks) opened a new series of CAD rendering, as Galaxy galaxy rejected as the rotating signature of the previous one. The new Galaxy "Smooth" have a simpler brand design and we do not know what Galaxy Sport implements as a popular browser of rotation. Both sides of the buttons do not differ between the Gear Sport and the Galaxy Watch buttons, and the classic circular design replaces the usual capsule shape in recent years. It is not clear that the product will be released, but it does not seem too early, Samsung last released the latest Galaxy Watch watch last year.

Do you like this simple design?

8 Lei Jun Diss Huawei: It has the ability to sell your PPT mobile phones

On January 10, the launch of red rice products in a new talk, the production of mobile phones was very small and good for retailers. Key and PPT mobile marketing campaign was. Xiaojun, President Xiaomi analyzed Huawei business and gloria mobile phones such as Huawei Mall: Huawei New4 has released a month ago; the screen is a final warning; The V20 glory will be sent on January 30 and the release date is December 1. Then, Lei Jun said with enthusiasm: What is not hungry marketing, PPT mobile phone, this is not a PPT mobile phone? Do they have a place to sell their friends? Lei Jun responded to the press conference: "The response of friends and traders is wishing to them, and it also shows that they are doing good things, so we have also said that" life and death are rhythms and disobedience. "

Is this your thunder wave always?

9 The best television in CES is here.

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opens in Las Vegas. One of the most important elements of the CES this year is still watching television a bit. CES, Samsung, LG, Sony, Hisense, Skyworth, TCL and other leading global television brands focused on releasing the products and corporate strategies of the first day, even though 8K television, microwave television and rollable TVs were revealed. This year's newest product is still spectacular. In general, 8K TVs have been sparked this year, artificial intelligence has become a standard for new products and laser color laser television has attracted the attention of the media. The technological exhibition competition has always been one of the hottest topics on color TV, and is an important point of view for international exhibitions, such as the CES. There is no significant change in the QLED camp and OLED in the CES this season. However, Hisens explains how to choose OLED technology, but this time, Hisense has not shown any OLED TV. However, television companies that choose OLED technology exceed QLED in terms of quantity, and Samsung places QLED as the head of an outsider at the top-of-the-world color television market. Among the top five TV companies at Tcl Station QLED, Skyworth, Konka and Changhong selected the OLED route. Ma Cong believes that in the future, Hisense's net position is crucial in the Chinese market.

What brand is your television?

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